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Carpets + Rugs Styles for your Living Room

The first time I cared about rugs was when I stepped into a furniture store in Manhattan called ABC Carpet and Home. I couldn’t believe all the textures, sizes, and colors that were possible. 

When I moved into my first apartment, I could have cared less about my rug as long as it was “nice.” Whatever that means. So I did what every basic person would do and just bought a plain jane tan rug from Wayfair. Not to say that Wayfair doesn’t have the most insane collection of all home furnishings, but something tells me to look somewhere else and some more time and consideration in picking my next rug. So I did just that!  

There are so many options to choose from; however, it is very much up to the individual and their style. Where does one even begin? 

That’s exactly how I felt. What do I google? What is a fair price for a rug? What type of carpet is suitable for pets or a messy pair of roomies? Do I want it to take up the whole room, or do I want it to be as minimal as possible? Should I add a pop of color in my living room, or will I get bored of it real fast? I highly suggest taking the time to consider all these questions deeply. 

Once you have sat over your needs, looked at your living room schema, and have found your inner interior designer, it is officially time to start browsing. 

Here are a few of the different styles of rugs and carpets that have caught my eye recently:

Scandinavian Rugs

Lately, my favorite trend for home furnishings has been the Nordic/Scandinavian style. I love them because they are minimalist & pretty neutral colors, yet somehow perfectly captures the early/mid-20th-century style. The Nordic design movement has become notably popular for its simple silhouettes, clean lines, and emphasis on the natural world, if you didn’t know.  All of the images down below are taken from my favorite online shop for Scandinavian Rugs, Nordic Knots.

Faux Cowhide Rugs 

In the middle of my living room lies a giant faux hide rug that completely changed the room’s vibe, obviously for the better. Faux hide rugs add warmth to any room, so beware. If you’re living somewhere tropical, maybe this isn’t the best option. However, if you live somewhere that can get chilly, faux hide rugs invite you to feel cozy and warm. There are a few cowhide rugs: natural cowhide such as brindle, stenciled cowhides, and dyed cowhides, each with unique colors & shapes. 

Shag Carpets

Shag carpets are the yummiest and fluffiest to step on. Shag definitely can look cheap if you buy cheap, however, so make sure you’re choosing and spending wisely. They come in almost every color and material, are sold everywhere and have several styles within their category. There are four different types of shag carpets: Flokati, Wool, Mixed, and Leather. Something to note is that they are impossible to clean. From experience, every time I have visited a friend’s home, and there’s shag carpeting, I can almost immediately see the crumbs and dirt accumulation. You have to consider the pros and cons deeply for these kinds of rugs. 

Jute Rugs

I have always wanted a jute rug. However, I think I am going to have to wait sometime for that. This is because they are more than anything used for their appearance, not really how they feel. Currently, I am living in my apartment all day, every day. I like to feel the hide on my feet while I am inside staring at the snow from my window. However, with jute, you can feel just a tiny bit of roughness of the material because they are eco-friendly. Jute rugs are not too hard, though, and many people seem to think they are pretty comfortable. They add warmth to any room and are also on-trend for the minimalistic look. 

Washable Rugs

These are the latest and greatest. Washable rugs are a great innovation, and I doubt I have to explain why if you have ever owned a carpet before. Regardless of your carpet’s style, color, and material, all mats will get dirty, facts especially if you have a pet or tend to spill red wine a lot, like me. Washable rugs have become popular because they save you so much time and money trying to fix whatever stains you have going on down there. Just make sure that your washing machine is big enough to hold the rug. 

Antique Rugs

Antique rugs are an art form for many. They have been around for centuries and date back way back when. Many people take their spin on these rugs now, but antique rugs come from a culture. This culture of carpet making in specific goes on around the world, all the way to Iran. There are millions of options for vintage and antique looking rugs. If you’re looking for the real deal, I suggest making sure it is handmade. When you flip to the back of the carpet, it should look almost identical to the front. They can also be dried without a proper technique, leaving them to feel like cardboard, and you will hear it crack, meaning the fibers have rotted. So, make sure you know your stuff if you’re trying to buy an antique investment rug. 

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