Storage Baskets That Look Like Decor

I have always believed that you should never have to sacrifice style for function - not even for storage containers.

Home good brands are taking it to the next level by creating items that are necessary AND decor-worthy. Back in the day, essential home goods such as storage containers, trash cans, towels, etc., have always been designed to fit their function, never form. The options were minimal, all created the same, and were pretty dull and unattractive if you ask me.


Not only is the selection of styles much more varied and colorful, but previously boring home essentials are also now actually worthy of displaying. The worst feeling is having to hide items that you regularly use because they are such a vibe killer. I used to try and hide anything that looked slightly unattractive to the eyes. Now, there’s no need to hide, thanks to brilliant concept designers making our homes stylish in every single aspect.


We all had a pretty good amount of time during quarantine to figure out how we can make our home a better place to live in, especially those who lived in apartments and were in desperate need of more space. People are beginning to make the most out of their small spaces by ensuring everything around them is aesthetically pleasing and in smart design.


Baskets have become a popular form of storage in recent years, probably because no one wants to have a see-through storage container or any other unattractive storage products out for all to see.


Baskets are trendy, functional, and filled with space to store almost anything you can imagine. Storage baskets are great for storing:

  • Pet toys
  • Kids toys & books
  • Throw pillows & blankets
  • Linens
  • Towels
  • Bathroom essentials 
  • Indoor plants 
  • Catchall items (phones, keys, wallet)
  • Books & magazines
  • Firewood
  • Pantry goods
  • Grocery bags 
  • Laundry
  • Remote controls
  • Recycled items
  • Root veggies

Plus anything else that needs to be stored away! 

Check out these great options:

west elm

Modern Weave Collection

West Elm

Two Tone Woven Baskets

Serena & Lily

Rectangular La Jolla Basket


Luna Black and Natural Basket


Handwoven Artisan Nesting Baskets


Restore Basket, Set of 2


Natural Handmade Sisal Baskets


Wide Weave Leather Basket

Hawkins New York

Tanzanian Handwoven Baskets

The Citizenry

Mercado Storage Baskets

spectrum diversified store

Wire, Vintage Locker Basket


Rattique Storage Baskets


Conway Extra Large White Basket


Striped Black + Natural Storage Basket III

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