Need a light fixture that will look like décor and bring flavor into any room? Then a chandelier is indeed what you need! To go back many years and give you a quick history lesson, chandeliers have been around since the medieval times (18thcentury). The term chandelier comes from the French word “chandelle”, meaning candle. Back then, only the very wealthy could afford them as they were quite pricy. Chandeliers were symbols of the upper class and luxury. Since then, chandeliers have become timeless pieces. Additionally, people eventually realized that they can make chandeliers out of affordable materials, giving just about everyone, upper class and below, the opportunity to own one in their own home. Although chandeliers are most commonly used in the dining room, they can be put in any room! It’s completely up to you. With so many different styles, colors, and materials, picking the perfect chandelier can take quite some time. But walking into that room and seeing your new beautiful chandelier is what makes the whole process worth it. Now let’s go down the list of things you need to consider before buying a chandelier…


You need to think about what room(s) you want to put the chandelier in. The size of the room will give you an idea of the minimum and maximum size that the chandelier could be. You also need to consider the height of the ceiling. If you have a very high ceiling, you can accommodate a chandelier that droops down (if that’s what you like). One way to figure out the right size chandelier for you is by measuring the room. General tips to keep in mind are to choose a chandelier that’s 1/2 to 3/4 the size of your dining table. You can also always reach out to a professional and ask for their advice.


What is your vibe? What is the vibe in that particular room? Is it rustic? Is it modern? Is it mid-century? Are there big windows? A lot of natural light? You need to know exactly the vibe you’re going for before you start making any decisions. As I mentioned above, you have A LOT of options so think big. The chandelier is going to be one of the first things people see when they walk into that room. It’s also going to be a reflection of your personality and style, so think about yourself when making this decision. What do you like? What is it that makes you think of yourself when you see it? 


You’re going to want to have an idea of how much you want to spend so you can quickly rule things out. Yes, you can still find your goal chandelier or something very similar if you’re on a budget. You can seek advice from a chandelier specialist!


Thinking long-term is a must when making a decision. Are you buying a chandelier that requires a ton of maintenance? Are you buying an intricate chandelier that is going to store a ton of dust? If so, are you up to cleaning the chandelier regularly? These are important things to think about!

Modern chandeliers: Crystal and Sputnik
Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandeliers have many benefits besides being visually appealing. Since they are made of quality material, they are durable. Additionally, crystal chandeliers are easy to clean/maintain and are environmentally friendly. 

Modern Rectangular Crystal Chandelier – $258.99
Modern Chandeliers Crystal Chandelier – $187.77
Clarissa Rectangular Chandelier, Large, 40″ Long x 13.75″ High – $1049 (on sale now)
Katia lucite chandelier – $1298
Crystal Linear Pendant Light – $473
Modern Crystal Chandelier, Contemporary Led Ceiling Lights Fixtures Pendant – $162.99
Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting Flush mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture – $158

Sputnik chandelier

Another quick history lesson – the “sputnik” chandelier gets its name from sputnik 1, the first ever artificial earth satellite that was launched in 1957 by the soviet union. The cool thing about sputnik chandeliers is that you get to decide how many arms you want the chandelier to have. Therefore, it’s important to consider just how much light you need in that room. Some things to think about: Do you have large windows in that particular room? Does the room get a lot of natural light? Additionally, they are durable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Jorden 24 – Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier – $420 (on sale now)
Molten 1 – Light Single Teardrop Pendant – $288
Everett 10 – Light Unique Modern Linear Chandelier – $139.99
Rasmo Satin Gold 6-Light Chandelier – $121.94
12 – Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier – $439.99
Modern Brass Sputnik Chandelier 10 Light Gold Brushed Ceiling Chandeliers Fixture – $79.99
Dellemade Modern Sputnik Chandelier, 6-Light Ceiling Light for Bedroom,Dining Room,Kitchen,Office (Gold) – $49.98
Sputnik Chandelier for Bedroom, Globe Ceiling Light for Living Room, 12 Lights – $139.98

Dining room chandeliers 

Harrington island chandelier – $398
Fairfax chandelier – $1304-2211
Nula chandelier – $1599
Bonnett 6 – Light Unique/Statement Globe Chandelier – $312 (on sale now)
Modern Crystal Pendant Light Chandelier 9 Lights Contemporary Chrome Branches  – $199.99
Wagon Wheel Chandeliers with Seeded Glass Shades, 30” – $179.99
LED Crystal Chandeliers Firework Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture – $229.99

Antler chandelier

Antler chandeliers are lightweight and durable. They also do a great job in giving an outdoor feel if that’s the vibe you’re going for. 

Real Deer Antler Chandelier Rustic Lights Kitchen Island Pendant Light Shabby Chic Lig – $138.99
Faux Antler 43″ Wide Rustic Cascade Antler Chandelier 8 Candle Lights – $525.99
Antler Chandelier 6 Light Vintage Style Resin 28″ Large Faux Chandeliers  – $219.99
Antler Chandelier Resin American Country Retro Deer Horn Lighting E12 Warm White Decoration Lamps – $425.99
Retro Faux Antler 43″ Wide Rustic Cascade Antler Chandelier 8 Candle Pendant Light Fixture – $545.99

Beaded chandelier

If you’re looking for an eye-catching chandelier, then you should consider a beaded chandelier. Although all chandeliers are eye-catching, these are extra unique. 

Beaded drape curl chandelier – $590
Windover 5-Light Empire Chandelier – $347 (on sale now)
Dumas 5-Light Weathered White Wood Bead Chandelier – $295.99
Safavieh LIT4477B Collection Lush Kristi 3 Light 16.5″ Beaded Pendant, Cream – $168.77
14.1″ Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 2 Lights Wood Beaded Chandelier, White Farmhouse Ceiling Light – $69.90
Safavieh Collection Angie Cream Boho 3 18″ Adjustable Beaded (LED Bulbs Included) Pendant Light – $131.85

Outdoor chandelier 

If you want an outdoor chandelier, plan ahead when picking the fixture and know exactly where you’re going to put it. Additionally, make sure you pick a durable chandelier and one that will sustain weather. 

Carson Vintage Iron Five-Light Outdoor 26-Inch Outdoor Chandelier – $1139
Carraway 9 -Bulb 27.8″ H Outdoor Chandelier – $709.99
Summerland Outdoor Round Pendant – $448
3-Light Outdoor Chandelier Lighting – $135.99
4 Light Hanging Lantern Pendant Light Black – $185.99
Ravenwood Manor Nine-Light Chandelier Hanging Modern Fixture, Stardust Finish – $299.99

Black chandelier

Dewees 4 – Light Candle Style Rectangle / Square Chandelier – $374.99 (on sale now)
The Black Balance Chandelier – $489
Abner chandelier – $518
Carson Carrington McKinnon 5-light Matte Black/Gold Chandelier – 237.98
Matte Black Sputnik Chandelier 12 Lights – $78.99
Black Chandelier, Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting Fixtures Hanging – $155.99

Gold chandelier

Cheshire Basin Pendant – $2,025
Meadow Pendant – $448
Custom order – $585
Honeycomb Chandelier – $498
Ralph solace pendant gold – $219 (on sale now)
Gold Modern Globe 3 Light Fixture – $129.99
Gold sputnik chandelier – $139.98
Gold and brass chandelier – $99.99

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