The 10 Best Home Organization Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

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There are many benefits that come as a result of an organized home. Your stress is relieved, you sleep better, save money, have more time for yourself, eat healthier, and you’re more productive. This may not come as a surprise, as it may seem obvious that clutter has the potential to cause you stress, time, money, sleep, and your health. Beyond the many reasons why maintaining an organized home is good for you, there are so many different ways you can organize! And even better, there are so many Instagram accounts dedicated specifically to home organization. Yes, you heard that right! All you have to do is unlock your phone screen, follow, and start getting creative. To make this process even easier for you, I have posted my 10 favorite accounts below and explained what I like about each one.

1. @horderly

This incredible account is run by a husband and wife duo (Jamie and Filip Hord) who give advice on how to declutter and organize in a unique way. If you’re a hoarder or just have a ton of stuff and need advice on how to better store things, @horderly is the account. If visuals are your thing, they also have a Youtube channel (@horderly) where they teach you how to store, organize, unpack, and more. They link to all the products they promote which is so convenient if you’re looking to buy or just save for later! Check them out.

2. @thehomeedit

You may recognize this account because of the popular Netflix series “Get Organized with the Home Edit” or because you’ve seen Clea and Joanna organize celebrity homes such as Kim Kardashian’s, Gwyneth Paltrow’s (goop) and more. Run by two best friends (Clea and Joanna), the home edit company specializes in closet organization and pristine kitchens. If you’re looking for kitchen organization ideas, closet organization ideas, aesthetic inspiration, fridge organization ideas, pantry organization ideas and just more efficient ways to organize in general, check them out!

3. @thetidyhomenashville

Run by two sisters Meg and Ea, the tidy home Nashville is all about organization in a functional and stylish way. If you’re looking to fill those tidy spaces and declutter, this account is the place. They give you plenty of organization ideas for every room, with a focus on using storage bins and baskets. If aesthetically pleasing things are your thing, you have to check them out!

4. @simplyspaced

If you’ve ever studied philosophy, then you know simplicity is the key to a better life. Simply spaced is an Instagram, website, and blog run by Monica Leed who has spent 10+ years mastering organization and the art of space saving. Beyond giving you organizational ideas, she provides motivational quotes, visuals to give you inspiration, and services such as photo organizing, digital organizing, eco home detox, emergency prep, make up edit, personal security, and more. If you’re ready to let go of all the clutter and live simply and happier, check out her Instagram!

5. @mariekondo

And of course, the legend, Marie Kondo! Though she is number 5 on this list, she is one of the best organizational experts. She specializes in tidying up spaces and de-cluttering all the while being a best-selling author of a book titled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. She’s also the star of an unbelievable Netflix show called “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” where she teaches you her tips and tricks. If all this doesn’t already impress you, she also offers the opportunity to work for her as a consultant on her website. Do yourself a favor and check her out!

6. @abowlfulloflemons

Run by Toni Hammersely, she is an organizing genius and the author of the best-selling book titled “The Complete Book of Clean: Tips and Techniques for your Home.” She has written many other incredible books as well which I’ve attached here. If pictures, de-cluttering, tidying up, and organization tips excite you, then you have to check out her page and website!

7. @organizingstories

If colors and organization are your thing, then you must check out Deborah Shearer’s page. Though bright colors can usually be tough on the eye, Deborah does an incredible job at using colors in a soothing way. Whether you’re looking to organize your kitchen, bedroom, guest room, bathroom, or your children’s room, this account has got you covered. Check it out!

8. @b.books.s

If color coordinated organized books excite you, then there’s no better Instagram than this one! Not only does the account post incredibly unique photos, but can help inspire you to build your own color coordinated book shelf! If you’re interested in all things books, organization, epic libraries, and aesthetically pleasing photos, check it out!

9. @shiragill

If you’re looking to organize in a minimalist but practical way, Shira is your girl! She is a home organizer that has a strong preference for quality over quantity. To her, fewer but quality items are much better than loads of low quality items. She specializes in closet organization and de-cluttering! If you like the sound of all of this, check her page out!

10. @organizedbyellis

Organized by Ellis goes by the “S.O.U.L.” model which stands for: sort, order, use, and live. Based out of LA, they are a team of professional organizers. They specialize in kitchen organization: pantry’s, fridges, drawers, cabinets, closet organization and more! Their Instagram is super aesthetically pleasing and inspirational. If you’d like to know more about solutions to clutter and all different kinds of organization ideas, check them out!

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