The 15 Best Kitchen Towels of 2021

The kitchen towel is one of the, if not THE most versatile and essential items in your kitchen.

If you enjoy cooking, then you know just how necessary these mini towels are for cleaning. Your kitchen can quickly go from messy to clean in a few simple wipe downs. Kitchen towels are highly absorbent and small enough to store anywhere. Also, these towels are great substitutes to paper towels because you are helping the environment by not wasting paper, not wasting money on buying paper towels every week, and don’t have to work nearly as hard to get tough stains out. Kitchen towels are machine washable and can be used on any surface. These babies are magic.

My collection of kitchen towels is never-ending. You can never have enough towels, especially the microfiber, heavily absorbent, hard-working ones. I like to keep the stylish ones on display while the cleaning ones are stored away. Because I keep such a giant collection, I can keep using towel after towel until the end of the week, when my stack of dirty towels is ready to be machine washed. Then the cycle repeats again and again.

When choosing your towels, there are a few things to consider: material, absorbency, size, style, and if they are machine-washer friendly & glassware friendly.

Size is also dependent on how you’ll be using your towels. Some are small and great for squeezing into tight nooks and crannies, while others are large and cover lots of territory. It would be best if you tried buying an assortment of sizes because it’s most likely that you’ll need them all.
There are dish towels that come in almost every color and print imaginable. If you’re trying to keep the towels on display and visible, then you probably want to match them with the style and decor of your home. They are also great for adding a pop of color to any kitchen.
Most kitchen towels are made of cotton because cotton is highly absorbent, durable, incredibly heat tolerant, leaves very little lent behind.
This is all up to you and how you typically use your towels. If you use your towels frequently and are drying dishes with them, you should opt for highly absorbent towels. If they are just being used as quick counter swipes, you can go for the thinner, less absorbent kind.

There are plenty of uses for your kitchen towels:

– Cleaning tough stains


– Polishing your kitchen appliances


– Drying your dishes and glasses without scratching


– Stabilizing your cutting boards


– Doubling as a banneton for loaves of bread


– Drying your hands, and acting as impromptu oven mitts.


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