The 19 Most Unique Decorative Vases of 2021

Spring has officially sprung! As we celebrate warmth and light returning into our lives, it’s essential to bring that warmth and light into our homes. The simplest way to brighten your home is by bringing a little nature indoors. Given that flowers are the reason for the season, it’s time to paint your thumbs green and get to work.


Floral displays are no joke. It’s something the Kardashian’s have mastered to a tee.


The best part? Flowers are not just for the rich and famous; they are readily available to anyone who walks a few steps outside. Anyone can get flowers and greenery and add them to their homes, but the way you display them is what sets you and your home apart.  


Vases are an excellent way for displaying not only your florals but also your style. You can find vases of every color, shape, and style to match the theme of your home, or you can boldly opt for a vase that sets itself apart and gives the room a little spice. It’s exciting to buy a unique vase because of all its potential to give to the flowers. They offer our flowers a lovely home to live in exchange for a beautiful display for all to admire.


Large KINTO Propagation Vase

Moma design store

Crinkle Bag Vase

Moma design store

Mondri Vase

Moma design store

Irregular Crystal Vase

Moma design store

Magnetic Vases

Burke decor

KALA Slender Ceramic Vase

Burke decor

Alvar Aalto Vase

Burke decor

Piedra Vase

Burke decor

Circus Vase

MUUto design

Ridge Vase


Little Gem Vase

Normann copenhagen

Balloon Vase

ferm living

Ania Muses Vase


Bottoms Up Vase

Costa nova

Le Jardin Cylindre Vase

Georg jensen

Bernadotte Vase


Nordic Glass Small Vases


Sculptural Minimalist Glass Vase


Orange Vase for Dried Flowers

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