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The 2021 Dining Table Chairs Guide

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Once you’ve got your dining table figured out, it’s time to move on to the chairs. When buying dining table chairs, there are a few things you need to consider. Before I jump into those things, I wanted to start off by saying that the sky is the limit when picking dining table chairs. You don’t have to pick chairs that match your table. In fact, you don’t even have to pick chairs that match each other. Remember, it’s your house and the way you choose to decorate is a reflection of your style and is completely up to you. You also don’t need to spend a hefty amount on dining table chairs if you don’t want too. I have listed some of my favorite affordable and stylish dining table chairs at throughout this post. And, as always, if there is a particular chair you are looking for that I did not mention, please don’t not hesitate to reach out to me via my email in the about page. I am always happy to do the research for you and make your life easier.

Things to consider when buying dining table chairs:


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The most important thing to consider before you start looking for dining table chairs is the size of the chair that you’re going to need. You don’t want to do this in reverse order and then realize that the set of chairs you fell in love with is not going to work for you. To figure this out, measure the room and the size of the table. Once you’ve done that, you can start doing your own research or you can reach out to a specialist and ask them to give you a couple of options. Another thing to consider in regards to size is whether you’re going to get chairs to put in the corners of the room or not. You’ll want to be sure that the size you pick for every chair will look good everywhere, not just under the table. One last thing to keep in mind is the space between each chair. This will help you determine how many chairs you’ll need for your dining table.


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As I mentioned above, your chairs do not need to match your table or match each other. That being said, you need to think about the vibe you’re going for. Is it modern? Is it rustic? Is it minimalist? Is it mid-century? Is it colorful? Do you want your chairs to have arms or do you want them to be armless? What is the color of the dining table? How about the color of the room? Is there art in the room? What color is the art? The amount of styles that exist are never ending. Therefore, it’s important that you have ideas in mind and that you ask yourself these questions in order to help narrow down your search.


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The material of your dining table chairs is another important consideration. Are you going for a durable chair? Are you going for a stylish chair? Are you going for a comfortable chair? Do you want chairs that come with removable cushions? Some suggestions are the following: Leather is great if you want a durable chair. Cotton is great if you’re looking for a unique color or pattern. Cotton is also easy to clean, so it may be something to consider if you have pets or children.


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Do you care more about your chairs being comfortable or about how they look? From my experience, stylish chairs tend to be much more stiff than comfortable. However, some people think being in an overly comfortable chair while you eat is odd. Ways to make your chairs more comfortable: arm rests and cushioned backs and seats.

Go see them in person (if possible)

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It’s always nice to know what you’re paying for. If you can, I would go check out the chairs in person so you have a better idea of the quality, feel, comfort, fabric, etc. Most times, the chair looks way better in the online photo than in person. I would especially go see the chairs in person if they are pricy. Although you can always return them if you don’t like them, we all know how much of a hassle it is to return.

Chair styles:

Modern dining table chairs

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Modern dining table chairs are those that have direct and simple lines without any carvings or designs.

Modern dining table chairs – prices vary
Modern dining table chairs – prices vary
Modern dining table chairs – prices vary
Modern dining table chairs – prices vary

Rustic farmhouse dining table chairs

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Rustic farmhouse dining table chairs come in many different styles. They are mainly made out of natural materials such as wood, stone, or clay.

Rustic farmhouse chairs – prices vary
Rustic farmhouse chairs – prices vary
Rustic farmhouse chairs – prices vary
Rustic farmhouse chairs – prices vary

Mid-century dining table chairs

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Mid-century dining table chairs come in many styles but have similar characteristics overall. That is, most mid-century dining table chairs have sharp lines and incorporate geometrical shapes.

Mid-century chairs – prices vary
Mid-century chairs – prices vary
Mid-century chairs – prices vary
Mid-century shairs – prices vary

Antique dining table chairs

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One thing that separates antique chairs from your average chair is the leg shape. They have s-curved legs. They have feet types, mostly in the shape of an arrow. The chair backs are most commonly U-shaped. The material is quite telling as well, the legs and back are most commonly made from wood. The cushions on the chairs have funky colors and patterns.

Antique/vintage chairs – Prices vary

Glass dining table chairs

Glass is probably the easiest material to maintain because it’s water resistant and stain resistant. Glass is also a durable material that will not tarnish over time. Additionally, glass dining table chairs can create a visual illusion and make the room seem bigger and less cluttered than it actually is.

Mist Acrylic Dining Chair – $199
Utley Side Chair in Silver- $237.99 (on sale now)
Maryln Dining Chair – $419.99 (on sale now)
Acrylic Ghost Chairs Clear Dining Chairs with Crystal Transparent Seat – $219.99
Baxton Studio Lino Transparent Clear Acrylic Dining Chair – $170.89

Velvet dining table chairs

Beyond being a visually appealing, delicate, and comfortable fabric, velvet is durable and can last well for years if taken proper care of.

Velvet dining table chairs – prices vary
Velvet dining table chairs – prices vary
Velvet dining table chairs – prices vary
Velvet dining table chairs – prices vary

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