The 6 Best Sustainable Home Décor Brands

Living life unsustainably makes the world and the quality of our life suffer. If we switched to eco-friendly products, we’d live longer and have a better chance of avoiding diseases. Additionally, eco-friendly products help with: the conservation of energy, material and water, the improvement of our environment and mental health, and low maintenance instead of high maintenance. We’d conserve energy by using solar panels to generate energy from the sun instead of using fossil fuels. We’d conserve materials by using quality non-harmful ones. We’d conserve water by using more water-saving techniques to keep the environment healthy. We’d improve our own environments and mental health by diminishing our stress and by taking in the fresh air and natural light to enhance our quality of life. Finally, building eco-friendly buildings would require less maintenance because there would be a decrease in operation. For example, building buildings with big windows to promote natural light instead of wasting energy promoting artificial light. Seems like nothing but an abundance of goods things to me….

I hope by now I’ve at least made you consider a sustainable lifestyle, but if I haven’t, hopefully these brands do….

1. Coyuchi

Photo taken from Coyuchi website

If you’re looking for organic home products and cozy loungewear, Coyuchi is your place. They use only 100% cotton and are involved in multiple organizations that devote themselves to eco-friendly farming practices.

2. Citizenry

Photo taken from Citizenry website

If accent pieces are your thing, Citizenry is it. This brand devotes itself to developing relationships with different artisans around the world to bring you high quality items. They offer a variety of home décor goods and furniture.

3. Joybird

Photo taken from Joybird website

If mid-century and modern styles call out to you, you must check out Joybird! They offer a variety of furniture and décor options which can be customized to your liking. Because Joybird is a company that prioritizes planting trees, a majority of the material used to make their furniture is wood. They also have good warranty and return policies.

4. Minna

Photo taken from Minna website

For all things accessories, you must check out Minna! Whether you’re looking for stylish pillows, mugs, place mats, coasters, bowls, napkins, etc., Minna has got it all. Using non-toxic and natural dyes, Minna makes an effort to partner with sustainable factories in order to bring their products to life.

5. Cisco Home

Photo taken from Cisco Home website

If you’re all about durability, check out Cisco home. With their strong commitment to sustainability, the brand goes the extra miles to source their materials ethically in order to make products for you that will last decades, if not longer. With the companies life time guarantee, it’s safe to say you won’t be replacing your Cisco furniture and décor pieces anytime soon.

6. Under the Canopy

Photo taken from Under the Canopy website

If ethics and soft bed/bath items on a budget are your thing, under the canopy is the place. Between towels, blankets, mattresses and loungewear, your options are not limited. Under the canopy uses organic cotton and eco-friendly textile dyes and makes sure the production process is done in the most ethical way possible.

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