The 9 Best Pool Toys of 2021

Long days, hot weather, tanning oil, fresh fruit, and fruity drinks… Summer is finally here! Except one thing is missing and yes you guessed it, it’s the pool toys. As fun as sitting by the pool is, sitting in the pool is even better. We know just how hot  these summer days can get, so having access to a splash of water when needed is definitely preferred. Beyond that, for those of you that have children to entertain, pool toys are especially necessary. So, let’s break it down and discuss which toys you need, why you need them, and where you can get them.

When picking pool toys, I’d recommend going for ones that are durable and more importantly, safe. Pay attention to the age on the toy package.

Round Watermelon Float (72 x 9)

Photo taken from Amazon's website

Does one of your hobbies consist of hanging by the pool with your besties or babies? Well then say no more! This 6 foot float is exactly what you guys need. 

Flamingo Float

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

Got a summer birthday and love to throw pool parties? I got you! This float accommodates up to 7 adults, comes with cup holders to hold your drinks, and grab lines for when you want to cool off and take a dip.

Floating Basketball Hoop

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

If you, your kids, and/or your friends are into shooting hoops, this floating basketball hoop and floating ball are exactly the challenge you need! 

Floating Volleyball

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

To all my volleyball lovers, this one’s for you! For as little as $9.99, you can have your very own floating volleyball net and ball! Sounds like a steal to me. 

Gobble Gobble Orcas

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

For the parents with little ones, this one’s for you! How to play: kids hold on to the big orca and see how many fishes they can gobble up. The fish are numbered from 1 through 4, making it a counting game as well!

Food & Beverage Float

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

Fresh fruit, food, drinks, and a phone holder pool float for only $17.99? Count me in. 

Pool Noodles

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

A staple pool toy – the pool noodles! Great for all ages and sizes, and of course, for staying afloat! 

Beer Pong Floatie

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

If you love beer pong and you don’t have one of these, what are you doing???? Talk about an entertaining floatie… and for my parents with kiddies, water pong has never looked better! 

Foam Noodle Water Guns

Photo taken from Amazon's Website

A good time for both children and adults, these foam water guns are filled with nothing but water and fun! 

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