The Best Incense Sticks & Why We Love To Use Them

Fragrances, such as incense, can be used to trigger specific responses and even heighten self-awareness. Some of the most common uses for lighting incense include relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, meditation, and spirituality. I love to light an incense whenever I’m anxious or trying to wind down after a long day. The burning aroma automatically brings me inner peace and connects me to my spirituality. There are several other benefits to using incense such as:

The Benefits of Incense

Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood are known as calming fragrances that work well with relaxation.
Your body's heart rate and breathing are significantly reduced when around incense. Incense also encourages your mind to stop worrying and racing around several thoughts. The best fragrance for relaxation is pure, high-quality Sandalwood, as well as Rosemary and Lavender.
Historically, incense was used to heighten one's senses and uplift one's spirit by deepening their attention. Traditionally, the burning of set length incense sticks measured the passing of time. The best incense for meditative practices is Lotus and Sandalwood.
The burning of incense has been commonly referred to as a doorway to spirituality. Several of the world's oldest religions include incense as part of their ceremonial practices.
Lighting incense is a simple way of doing something without receiving anything in return. It is a great way to practice being mindful, living in the moment, and "listening" to your inner world.
Incense such as Aloeswood is used to increase focus and concentration, stimulate ideas, and improve mental performance.
Uplifting fragrances such as Aloeswood are great to use while studying, working, or doing anything else that requires your complete attention.
Lavender, Vetiver, and Chamomile incenses are associated as great natural sleep aids. Plus, they are much safer to burn than a candle while dozing off.
Sexual Desire
The mind is readily activated by aphrodisiac scents such as Jasmine, Vanilla, Rose, and Cinnamon to bring out passionate and loving feelings within us.
Yoga commonly features incense because it is known to help focus the brain and ready the body for intense breathing and movement.
The effects of breathing in the aroma of incense have been shown to raise serotonin levels in the brain (as opposed to taking antidepressants and non-medical drugs). Serotonin is the happy hormone in our body. It is considered a mood stabilizer, an excellent way to reduce depression, regulate anxiety, and free oneself from any side effects or addictive qualities. Rose is regarded as the best in aiding serotonin flow through the body and mind.
Air Purification
Incense such as Cedar, Myrrh, Citrus, and Nag Champas has antibacterial properties that help cleanse and purify the air around you. Plus, it is a great way to disguise unwanted household smells.
Certain fragrances can arouse significant responses in our brain and can instantly transport us to distant memories, past events, or old emotions that we may not even know were there.


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