The Best & Latest Home Décor Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

Instagram doesn’t have to be just celebrities, face tune, and influencers. Shocker, I know.

Believe it or not, Instagram can be a fantastic place & learning tool once you follow the right accounts and fill your feed with your interests, rather than models making you feel bad about yourself. If you’re on this blog post right now, you’re probably pretty into interior design & home decor. So follow that! Many design accounts, hashtags, and reels are too aesthetically and mentally pleasing to not take a quick look.

My favorite feature on Instagram is the save button. This is how I keep myself inspired every day. If there’s something on my feed that captures my eye, it’s a save for me. All my saved photos serve as one of my many mood boards to visualize when I feel uninspired. You can even separate them into sections to keep them organized. Instagram knew we inspo seeking junkies would thrive on this. 

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Some other Instagram features we like to use:

You can follow the hashtag #interiordesign & other tags just like it to keep your feed refreshing with the latest trending posts on the topic. 

I like to add furniture to my Instagram shopping cart because it’s the fastest way to tell if there’s a sale when I check back on my saves. Furniture ain’t cheap, but we love sales. (This could apply to clothes & any other things you like to buy). Save, save, save!

Reels are one of the newest features on Instagram. It’s sort of like Tik Tok, where you scroll through endless videos of trending accounts. But let me tell you guys, the home decor & interior reels are beyond amazing. The next best thing is no longer photos. It’s videos. Videos are so inspiring, helpful, and fun to watch. We, editors at Impress the Guest, are creating our own creative content videos for the site! So stay tuned.

The Shop feature is interesting because it places all the stores you follow into one giant shopping space, almost like a mall. So if you’re following home decor shops, you’ll be able to see their new items right when they come out. Pretty neat! 

Besides Instagram & its many features, I like to also grab my inspiration from Pinterest, follow us here, and Tik Tok. I never thought Tik Tok would be where I would learn everything about everything. So, maybe I’ll share some Tik Tok accounts that have inspired me in another post. But for now, here are some of the best interior design and decor accounts to follow on Instagram:

Full disclosure: 

Many major home décor blog sites have the same 10-30 Instagram accounts serving as their home inspiration. While many of them are definitely useful and worth showing, I decided to list the smaller, lesser-known Instagram accounts that serve just as much purpose & decorate my feed with the latest and greatest interior design and décor.

Design Seeds 


Design Seeds is a creative community & blog filled with color swatches and perfecting the color blogging niche. The account does so by matching color palettes based on travel & nature photography. So unique and will definitely help you pick your next living room color. 

Coming Soon NY


The coolest home decor store, in my biased opinion. Coming Soon NY is THE spot for the funkiest, trendiest home decor items on the market. I actually have a couple of great things from them! The hype is definitely worth it. 



Freddie is a gathering space and network to empower and support the interior design community. This account addresses the fun stuff in interior design and the weak spots that are not as discussed. This is a fantastic platform for creatives in the industry – they are frequently uplifting new designers and collaborating with those in the industry. 

Decor Hardcore 


This is the ultimate spot for extremity & all-out exaggeration regarding anything decor. For all my minimalists out there, this one is NOT for you.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard 


Interior designer of Kylie Jenner & a Kardashian decor go-to, Martyn Bullard, fills his Instagram with charming homes that he has worked on and daily inspiration. 

Kristofer Johnsson 


Visually & aesthetically pleasing, Swedish photographer, Kristofer Johnsson, showcases his interior design photography on his feed. The Swedish seriously know their stuff when it comes to aesthetics and design. Trust!

Natalie Myers


Award-winning interior designer Natalie Myers knows how to create an Instagram feed to please. Her posts include original pictures of high-end projects she works on & she likes to engage her audience with questions and insider tips + tricks.

Monica Wang


We learn from the best! And Monica Wang is pretty great. Her inspiring photography makes us motivated to try out new tricks of the trade. Luckily, she likes to spill photos of her client’s homes & exclusive styling tips that go into her process. 

Abigail Home


Abigail Home has not only posted amazing photos of our apartment for the world to see, but she also sells vintage home decor and dried floral arrangements that would blow your mind. We love how she sets up her shop with a mixture of her own designs/products, outside inspiration, and decor items that she finds in the streets of New York City. A little gem in the Instagram design world! 

Claude Home 


I am just dying to step into the Claude Home showroom in NYC. They have the ultimate collection of vintage furniture that would make your eyes swoon & jaws drop. Claude Home is an excellent account that showcases their fantastic vintage pieces and mood boards that match and express their unique taste to a tee. 

Brendan Taylor 


If you’re into industrial & minimal, Brendan Tadler’s Instagram is the place. An architect and interior designer, Tadler, specializes in luxury residential and retail environments. Instagram is his outlet for sharing pieces and projects he works on. 



Influencer NYC Bambi has taken her incredible eye for detail and all things vintage to the next level with her new Instagram account dedicated strictly to her finds. The account is not only a great place to shop vintage but also a lovely space to stop and look at the aesthetically pleasing neutrals and home decor she is inspired by.


Normal is strictly serving interior design mood board vibes on its feed. This is an excellent account for keeping yourself inspired & updated on the latest home trends.

The Visual Pleasure 


This is another fun yet lesser-known interior design mood board account to follow for visuals and inspiration. 

Empty Space


Their bio, “your space won’t be empty anymore,” is undoubtedly the truth. Here’s an excellent account that serves design inspiration, great visuals, sales, and sourcing all in one spot.

Friends of Form


Here is another interior design showroom that I am trying to be a fly on the wall on. Friends of Form sells the most incredible range of mid-century vintage furniture & decor, with a minimal & exclusive inventory for those who want it bad enough. I want it bad enough!!!  

Lotta Motta 


We, the people, love Lotta Motta for continually keeping us up to date with trending interior design objects and impressive homes that take the mood board game to the next level. 

Eye Swoon


Eye Swoon is the ultimate destination for creativity, design, and the focal point, beauty. It was created for visual expression and has turned into a lifestyle brand focusing on everything from entertaining to design. 

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