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The Best Office Chairs of 2021

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It’s 2021 which means it’s time for a change. The type of change I’m referring to goes beyond your new year’s resolutions of wanting to lose weight, be a better person, spend less money, etc. I’m talking about the small things that aren’t necessarily at the top of your mind but are affecting you in big way. Yes, I’m talking about the effect your office chair has on your back, arms, legs, wrists, and posture. I know it may not seem like the biggest deal right now, but in the long run, you could potentially end up with carpal tunnel or tendonitis and we all know that’s not what you want. So, let’s talk office chairs and hopefully get you in a new office chair asap.

Let’s talk Ergonomics – What is Ergonomics?

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If you didn’t already know, ergonomics is the science of work. In more words, this means that applied science is used to design furniture that interacts with people in the most efficient and safe way. Ergonomic chairs prevent bad things from becoming worse things, such as a bad habit turning into a long term health issue. It does so by providing lumbar support for your lower back pain and posture. If it’s a high-quality chair, it’ll also provide support for your neck and head which will help maintain your posture and support your legs/knees. Not only will this go a long way for your body, but for your productivity too. By reducing the stress and distractions of a bad chair, it’s much easier to remain focused.  

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

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  • Provides lower back support
  • Provides neck and head support
  • Helps maintain good posture
  • Better work productivity by maintaining focus
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Seat depth
  • Saves money because if you buy a good high-quality chair, you won’t need to buy
    another for at least a decade

Things to keep in mind before you make a purchase

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  • The chair that might work for you might not work for someone else, don’t just depend on online information
  • Go and see the chair in person if you can, that way you’ll know if it’s going to work for you or not
  • Do your feet touch the floor when sitting in the chair?
  • Does the chair offer lumbar support? Adjustable art rests? Cushioned seats? Mesh back?
  • Do you experience any discomfort while sitting in the chair?

The Best Overall (in terms of money and design)

1. Hbada office task desk chair  – $129.99

Photos taken from Amazon

For $130, you can get yourself a brand new chair that’ll provide you with lumbar support, a nice design, and a breathable backrest.
Disclaimer: There is no cushioned comfort.

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel Home Comfort Chairs with Flip-up Arms and Adjustable Height, Black – $129.99

2. Serta smart layers Arlington air executive chair – $249.95

Photos taken from Amazon

If you’re a cushion lover, this might be the chair for you. Additionally, if you didn’t already know, Serta is a mattress brand which means they have their comfort down. The chair also provides lumbar support through its adjustable lumbar level under the seat.
Disclaimer: It’s not the most attractive chair and it takes up quite a bit of space.

Serta Smart Layers Arlington AirManager Chair, Black – $249.95

The Best Office Chair If You Can Spend

1. Steelcase Gesture – $822.15

Photos taken from Amazon

If you’re always in the office and sitting for many hours, I would recommend investing in this high-quality chair. First things first, it’s durable so if the price scares you, just know you’ll have this chair for many years. Second, it’s reputable for being an extremely comfortable and supportive chair. And finally, you can customize the chair to your liking. With the multiple varieties of fabric and finishing options, your dream chair is just a couple clicks away.
Disclaimer: The chair is bulky and pricy.

Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite – $822.15

2. Herman miller Aeron – Prices vary

Photos taken from Amazon

With adjustable arms rests, lumbar support, comfort, and a mesh back, the Aeron chair will get the job done. If you’re someone who always gets hot, the mesh back may be the reason you pick this chair. Additionally, the chair has been around for a while so it’s reliably durable. It comes in three sizes, so make sure you check out the size chart before purchasing.
Disclaimer: The armrests are less adjustable than the gesture, the chair is un-customizable, and it’s a pricy chair.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair – Fully Adjustable, Carpet Casters, Size B (Open Box) – $654.11

Aeron Office Chair – Size B, Mineral – $1150-1765

3. Herman miller Sayl – $545-755

Photo taken from Lumens website

If the above options are way over your price range, I would recommend the Sayl. The Sayl is still considered to be a high-quality chair that will provide you with lumbar support. The chair is durable, visually appealing (the webbed back will keep you cooler than cushions), and comes in a variety of colors.
Disclaimer: Lacks advanced adjustment features and does not come with cushions.

Sayl Basic Work Chair – $545 – $755

4. HON ignition 2.0 – $360.87

Photo taken from Walmart website

For $500, you are paying for comfort, seat-depth adjustment, tilt tension/lock, and adjustable arms. You’re of course also provided with adjustable lumbar support, but you have to make sure you click the “adjustable lumbar” model when purchasing. This chair is specifically reputable for being one of the most comfortable chairs..so if you’re someone that spends a lot of time at your desk and don’t want to spend a crazy amount, I would look into this chair.
Disclaimer: The seat starts at 17 inches high so if you’re short, getting up on this chair might be a struggle. Not as durable as the above options. Still somewhat pricy.

HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Chair – Black Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk, Black Fabric – $360.87

Best chair under $100

1. Amazon basics leather-padded swivel office chair – $92.82

Photo taken from Amazon

For $100, you can get yourself a comfortable and cushioned leather chair. It’s also an easy chair to assemble, it’s visually appealing, and it comes with cushioned arm rests.
Disclaimer: It lacks lumbar support and advanced features such as adjustable arm rests.

AmazonBasics Leather-Padded, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair with Armrest, Black – $92.82

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