The Best Placemats of 2021

You know you’re of age when it’s time to select placemats. Placemats are the epitome of maturity and adulthood. So, if you find yourself reading this article, congratulations! You’re a full-grown adult with standards.

Not only do placemats protect your table from spills, heat, stains, and messes, but they also show off your unique style. When hosting your next dinner, set out your placemats and notice all the compliments.

When buying your next placemat set, you should take into consideration:


There are several different materials to choose from. The aesthetic choice is all yours; just make sure that the material is thick enough to support any damage and has heat insulation properties. You need to also determine if the material is easy to clean and or easy to store. Some placemats are machine washer friendly, while others can be cleaned with a simple multi-purpose spray. Some placemats can be folded or rolled up, while others need to be stacked. It is all up to your personal preferences and needs. 


If you own a wooden table, you need placemats that feature strong heat insulation. Wooden tables are a trap for impossible to remove stains. Trust me, I have messed up enough wooden tables in my life to know that this is fact. It’s challenging to get rid of heat stains on wooden tables and will cost you a pretty penny to fix if it’s even possible. Felt and silicone work well as heat insulators, but other materials could work as well, depending on the mat’s thickness and weaving.    


Many people believe that placemats are just a formality for dinner parties and hosting. However, the more you use your placemats, the less risk of messing up your table with the impossible to remove stains. If you don’t want to use the ones you chose to impress your guests, opt for some simple everyday mats that can easily take some wear and tear. Save the pretty ones for special nights and make every other time you dine easier to manage. 

It’s seldom to find people who take the time to buy placemats or even use them. Be the host who stands out and transform your table into a mini-masterpiece with these fabulous finds!

Bed Threads 100% Linen Placemats

Shop here for $60

MochiThings On the Table Dining Placemat

Shop here for $26.95

Hay Contour Placemat

Shop here for $20

Sia Parker Einfache Designer Placemats

Shop here for $9.99

Lulu and Georgia Chilewich Color Tempo Rectangle Placemat

Shop here for $18

Meema Upcycled Denim Cotton

Shop here for $28

Uashmama Essential Placemats

Shop here for $48

Chilewich Metallic Lace Placemat

Shop here for $134

Chilewich Bamboo Chino Placemat

Shop here for $60

Crate & Barrel Capiz Reversible Placemat

Shop here for $16.95

Crate & Barrel Jornada Woven Placemat

Shop here for $14.95

Crate & Barrel Shiloh Easy-Care Placemat

Shop here for $7.95

CB2 Faux Leather Croc Taupe Placemat

Shop here for $10.95

CB2 Shagreen Charcoal Placemat

Shop here for $10.95

CB2 Open Weave Placement

Shop here for $8.95

West Elm Cotton Canvas Placemat

Shop here for $19.50

West Elm Chilewich Easy-Care Lattice Placemat

Shop here for $16

West Elm Metallic Laced Placemat

Shop here for $19.50

Chic Tables Las Flores

Shop here for $16

William Sonoma Chilewich Heddle Placemat

Shop here for $25

William Sonoma Vintage Floral Jacquard Placemat

Shop here for $67.95

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