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The Coolest, Funkiest, & Most Unique Candles of 2021

Why buy a plain old candle once you have seen these?

Candles are more than just ambiance and great smells. They are decor and can represent who you are. Next time you light up your candle, ask yourself something. Can I do better than this Joe Schmoe candle? The answer is always yes. 2021 has entered the room and is not playing games. If you’re not being unique and your true self, what are you doing? This is the year of self-expansion. As you grow, so should your home. When a room can speak for you in its decor & design, the vibes will always be immaculate.

Nothing warms my heart more than when I have people over, and they ask me where I got something. If you have funky fresh candles, get ready to be asked the same question. Get ready to light up your home with these unique options: 

Twist Candles

Uncommon Goods Spiral Twist Candle 

Smallable Lex PottTWIST Twisted Candle

Figurine Candles 

Caia Female Silhouette Candle

Candle Hands Gun Fingers Candle 

Erotic Candles

This Smells Like My Orgasm Goop

Snowe Pillow Talk Candle 

Geometric Candles

Color Bubble Candle on Etsy 

Bending Candle Set on Etsy 

Goober Candles

Burke Decor Goober Candle Em 

Areaware Goober Candles 

Expressive Candles

Homesick Candles 

UO Ryan Porter Candle

Birthdate Co Candle

Uncommon Goods Scentiment Candles

Hype Candles

The Scent of Travis Scott Candle

Boy Smells Best Buds Scented Three-Candles Set 

Stussy Venus Candle 

Loewe Scent of Marihuana Candle

Funky Candles 

L’Object Lito Bleu Candle 

Tom Dixon Swirl Stack Scented Candle

Spiritual Candles 

La Doublej Goddess Candles Set 

Uncommon Goods Spirit Candles 

Burke Decor Sea Elixir Crystal Candle 

Mama Wunderbar Moon Phase Candle 

Floral Candles

Uncommon Goods Terrarium Candle

UO The MUNIO Wildflower Candle

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