The Iconic Murano Mushroom Lamp That We Are All Obsessed With

As Mid-Century furniture comes back into the interior design scene, we welcome the 70’s inspired mushroom lamp back into our lives and living rooms with very open arms.

Home décor and design stores are stocking their shelves with anything mid-century/vintage/retro as people have been demanding to be taken back to some of the best moments in design history, the ’50s-’70s.

It feels as if any Instagram influencer’s page/mood board/post you see nowadays is tied in some way or another to nostalgic feelings of our past and connecting with nature. This makes a lot of sense as we see a boom in “cottagecore,” aka home décor trends based on our longing woodland aesthetic without having to rough it out in the woods.

By incorporating old and new pieces, you’ll have your home properly trending and Instagram worthy in no time.

It’s tough to keep up with all these new fads and resurfacing trends. It’s tough if you are just being bombarded by all these random trending objects on your feed 24/7. What’s old and what’s new? What’s this product worth? Today, we’ll dive into mushroom lamps and why they are worth the buy.

The Murano Mushroom Lamp dates back to the 10th century in Murano, Italy. In Murano, glassmakers were highly admired for their craftsmanship and high-quality products. They were so important to Italy’s manufacturing that the glassmakers were not allowed to leave the Venetian Republic to protect their techniques from the rest of Europe. The mushroom lamp was then popularized in the ’70s on the island of Venice. The Italian designer behind the lamp, Gambaro e Poggi for Vetri, created this piece in limited quantities for those who would fancy purchasing such a unique looking gem.

Whimsical and quirky, the mushroom lamp checks off the list for being the “it” lamp of the moment. 70’s nostalgia is heavily driven by millennial culture and their love for visual aesthetics. Of course, there are some minor detailed upgrades to the lamp when it comes to color, mood, form, and price. The real, vintage Murano lamps are nearly impossible to get a hold of and are more than pricey.

Here are the next best options for these ’70s influenced lamps that we cannot get enough of.

Mid Century Mushroom Lamp by France & Son. Shop here for $225
MoMa Design Store Setago Portable Table Lamp. Shop here for $156.
1st Dibs Murano Glass Mushroom Table Lamp by Vetri d‘Arte, Italy, 1970s. Shop here for $1,046.98.
Ansel Lamp by Urban Outfitters. Shop here for $89
Mantar Lamp by Revival. Shop here for $199
Vintage 70s Murano Style Glass Mushroom Lamp by Etsy Seller @darefrolic. Shop here for $175.
Allure Table Lamp by CB2. Shop here for $119.
HAY Turn On Lamp. Shop here for $175.
1st Dibs FLOS Modern Resin Burnt Orange Portable Rechargeable Wireless Desk & Table Lamp. Shop here for $295.
Lamps Plus Tangelo High Orange Metal Mushroom Dome Accent Table Lamp. Shop here for $149.99.
Rejuvenation Altadena Glass Shade Table Lamp. Shop here for $329.
Vintage Glass Table Lamp by Etsy Seller @ArcLightsDesign. Shop here for $173.
Litfad Post Modern Mushroom Night Table Light. Shop here for $259.
Litfad Mushroom Shape Bedside Table Lighting. Shop here for $205.
IKEA Tokabo Table Lamp. Shop here for $13.
Litfad Gold Finish Mushroom Night Table Light. Shop here for $221.
Litfad Black Finish Mushroom Night Table Light. Shop here for $220.

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