The Most Unique Coffee Mugs To Buy Right Now

Hi, my name is Emma, and I’ll be your coffee concierge for the rest of this post. 

If there’s anything in this world that provides universal satisfaction and happiness, it’s coffee. Coffee has that power to make a good day amazing, a bad day better, and a conversation with a colleague much more bearable. If there is a god out there, they knew we humans needed this. 

My addiction to coffee started relatively young, growing up in a Latin household. Meaning, I’ve been tweaking since about 11 years old & my mug collection is overflowing with years of birthday gifts, travel keepsakes, and meaningful memories/inside jokes. Not only does coffee have the power to make you feel some type of way, but so does the mug that holds it all together.   

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With home decor trends on the rise and taking over all of our feeds, I’m beginning to notice that several brands are starting to get real funky and artistic with it, which we all are so here for. With self-expression and self-love being the focus of 2021, what better way to show up for yourself than by having the sickest mugs in the game? 

Half the fun of brewing my first cup of coffee in the morning is picking out the mug. It’s much more fun when you have a million different mugs with a million different meanings, all trying to grab your attention at 8 am. These mugs love me, and I them. That’s why I think everyone needs a giant collection of mugs, to feel the warmth of waking up to the smell of heaven and being embraced by a bunch of mugs screaming, “pick me, pick me!”

According to, several different types of coffee mugs are chosen based on materials & functions. These are all up to personal preference and what you believe is the best mug to hold your cup of liquid gold in:

The different types of coffee mugs include: 


Pros: Durable, microwavable, good insulation, & most common type of mug.

Cons: Stain easy & are heavier than others.


Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t stain.

Cons: Not the best insulation, and are very fragile.

Stainless Steel

Pros: Best for traveling & insulation.

Cons: Less affordable, not as stylish as other options.


Pros: Lightweight, durable, unbreakable, & highly affordable.

Cons: Lesser known than other types.


Pros: Attractive, high-end 

Cons: Easily breakable, typically smaller 


Pros: Handmade, unique, durable, insulating, & machine washable.

Cons: Pretty heavy to hold.

Travel + Tumblers

Pros: Holds a lot of coffee and keeps coffee insulated for a long time.

Cons: Not all of them are machine washer safe; not all fit under coffee machines because of their height.


Pros: Made for espresso and small servings.

Cons: Tiny

Depending on how you drink your coffee, you may find one of these particularly more useful than the others. Keeping this in mind, let’s get shopping!

Ferm Living Still Mug, Set of 2

Shop here for $35

HAY Borosilicate Mug, Set of 2

Shop here for $50

Recreation Center Grid Mug

Shop here for $40

Del Monaco Coffee Mug

Shop here for $46

Eleonor Boström Sleepy Spotty Dog Tea Cup with Saucer

Shop here for $88

Not Work Related Grid Mug

Shop here for $50

HMM Recycled Glass Mug

Shop here for $35

Ferm Living Flow Mug

Shop here for $22.50

Hasami Porcelain Mug Black

Shop here for $24

Coffee Pottery Face Mug 

Shop here for $38.50

Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics Handmade Color Drip Mug

Shop here for $34

HMM Japanese Ceramic Mug

Shop here for $34

Highwave Hotjo Travel Mug 

Shop here for $18

Holistic Habitat Hands & Feet Mug

Shop here for $39

Jonathan Adler Giuliette Mug 

Shop here for $24

Origo Mug

Shop here for $26

History of Art Mug

Shop here for $14

Porter Mug

Shop here for $25

Fellow Carter Move Mug

Shop here for $35

Casafina Argila Mug

Shop here for $25

10 Corso Como Ring Print Mug

Shop here for $40

Louise Madzia White Dreamer Porcelain Mug Set

Shop here for $86

GINORI 1735 Oriente Italiano mug

Shop here for $98

Fornasetti Printed Mug

Shop here for $139

Vista Alegre Jazz Coffee Mug and Saucer (Set of 2)

Shop here for $171

Villeroy & Boch Coffee Passion Awake 2 Piece Cappuccino Cup and Saucer Set

Shop here for $40


Shop here for $176

VIETRI Aurora Coffee Mug 

Shop here for $48

Lladro Equus Coffee Cup and Saucer

Shop here for $145

Le Creuset 4 Piece Coffee Mugs Coffee Mug Set 

Shop here for $57.55

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Shop here for $135

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