The Ultimate 2021 Candle Holder Guide

If you intend to use candles to enlighten your space, candle holders are absolutely essential! Additionally, candle holders can be great for adding a touch of color or just creating/adding to an aesthetic. With so many options available, picking the right kind of candle holder can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, I have written this post to help inform you on all the different materials that candle holders exist in as well my personal favorites, cheap and expensive! I have provided links to each candle holder based on the material they are made of. 

Glass Candle Holders / Tealight Candle Holders

Glass candle holders are especially great for a visual appeal. Tea light candles are miniature candles that accompany their own metal or tray. These candles tend to burn for around three to five hours. Tea light candles should be grouped with miniature tea light candle holders and/or votive ones. To make them stand out, choose a tea light candle holder that is made of colored glass. I have linked some below. 

CB2 Betty Cabernet tea light candle holder set of 6 – $10.95

Koyal Wholesale Jewel Tone Votive Vintage Glass Candle Holders, 6-Pack, Multicolor Jewel Candle Set of Votives – $18.99

Koyal Wholesale 3″ Tall Blush Pink Modern Multifaceted Glass Candle Holders, Set of 6 Votives, Bulk Tealight Holders, Tablescapes, Wedding, Home Decor, Office, Restaurant, Table Setting Decorations – $27

Hosley Set of 12 Amber Glass LED Votive Candle Tea Light Holders. Ideal for Weddings Parties Spa and Aromatherapy. Great Value. Use LED Tea Lights and Votive’s. O9 – $9.99

Cb2 Mena glass and brass hurricane – $89.95

Cb2 breaker glass tea light candle holder – $1.95

Cb2 Hex crystal tea light candle holders set of 3 – $99.95

Cb2 Set of 12 beaker glass tea light candle holders – $19.95 (on sale now)

Votive Candle Holders

People tend to confuse Tea light candles and Votive candles as they are quite similar to each other. The key difference between the two is simply the height, the votive candle being about two to three inches taller than the tea light candle. However, votive candles can be used in tea light candle holders and vice versa, which allows for greater flexibility between the two. Additionally, because the votive candle is taller, they burn for a longer time, at an estimated ten hours or so. To make them stand out, I would recommend putting a couple of votive candle holders and tea light holders together with your choice of glass, colored or not. I have linked some below. 

Letine Glass Votive Candle Holders Set of 72, Clear Tealight Candle Holder Bulk, Ideal for Wedding Centerpieces and Home Deco – $37.69

Creative Co-op Natural Wood Tray with 9 Unique Glass Votive Candle Holders, 22″ x 5.5″, Neutral Beiges,DA4672 – $45

Votive Candle Holders with Removable Gold Glass Candleholder Black Metal Centerpiece for Room Decor Set of 2 – $29.99

3 Pack Tealight Candle Holders Decorative Colorful Glass Cullet Tea Lights Votive Holders for Home Décor Wedding Halloween Christmas Decorations Table Centerpieces Party Favors Gifts 2.8”(D) x2.8”(H) – $14.99

Le Sens Amazing Home Candle Holders Set of 3, 2.3/3.9/5.5 inches Elegant Heavy Crystal Cuboid Tealight Holder Clear Square Glass Candle Holder Centerpiece and Home Decoration – $43.16

Wayfair 8 Piece Paulownia Slice Small Glass Votive Holder Set – $42.99 (on sale now)

Taper Candle Holders 

As you may know, taper candles are long skinny candles that are typically placed on the dining table but can be placed in any space that you’d like. Taper candles burn for about ten hours and cannot be lit without being accompanied by a taper candle holder. Because the taper candles are tall, they require tall candle holders. I have attached some traditional and some modern taper candle holders below. To make them stand out, I would use a metal colored candle holder. 

PuTwo Candlestick Holders 2 pcs 3 Arm Candle Holder Metal Candelabra Irregular Geometric Design Decoration for Home Decor Copper Taper Candle Holder Ideal Gift for Wedding Ceremony Party – Rose Gold – $22.99

Q/A Taper Candle Holders – Gold & Black Metal Candlestick Holders, Decorative Candle Sticks Set of 3, for Formal Events, Wedding, Church, Fall, Holiday DéCor, Table Centerpiece Decoration – $29.99

Baffect Set of 5 Gold Candle Holder for Taper Table, Decorative Candlestick Holders for Wedding, Party Dinner Feast Decor Fits 0.98 inch Thick Candle(Metal Candle Stand) – $28.99

CB2 Cosette crystal taper candle holders set of 3 – $98.95

CB2 Syrena stone and resin taper candle holder small – $39.95

CB2 Totem marble taper candle holder – $29.95

CB2 Decks holds 2 red marble taper candle holder – $69.95

Pillar candle holders

Pillar candles are not only great for décor, but can burn for as long as fifty to sixty hours! The typical pillar candle holder is the lantern looking one. These are great for both modern and rustic homes as the lantern candle holder is available in multiple styles. To make them stand out, place three pillar candles in three separate lantern candle holders and put next to each other to create a cluster effect. 

CB2 Matter cut pillar candle holder large – $29.95

Metal Gold Candle Holder with Removable Glass Shade Modern Minimalist Candle Holder Pillar Candle Holder for Christmas, Wedding, Ceremony, Anniversary, Festival, Romantic Desktop Home Decor (Small) – $19.99

Melrose 53264 Metal and Glass Pillar Candle Holder Lantern, Set of 3 – $57.61

JHY DESIGN Silver Decorative Lanterns 12.5” High Stainless Steel Candle Lanterns with Tempered Glass for Indoor Outdoor, Events, Parities and Weddings Vintage Style Hanging Lamps – $26.99

CB2 Trig grey marble pillar triangle candle holder large – $69.95

CB2 Keelah natural rattan hurricane – $49.95

Wooden candle holders

If you’re into more of a rustic look, then wooden candle holders are the perfect touch you need! Wooden candle holders come in various sizes, shapes, patterns and colors! When it comes to wood, you have a couple of different options. Wooden candle holders are typically made from pale woods, such as pine and beach which are both light colors. These hues are for more simple settings whereas dark shades made out of dark oak are typically placed in more intimate setting such as the bedroom. The wood can also be painted to a specific color of your liking! However, dependent on the look you’re going for, it is up to you where you choose to place your dark or light wooden candle holders. I have linked a few below. To make them stand out, you can make them wall candle holders. There are many ways to go about this, I have listed some picture inspirations below. 

Hagao Tea Light Candle Holders, Personalized Wooden Candle Holder for Rustic Wedding Party Birthday Holiday Set of 3 (1″,1.6″,2.7″) – $13.99

RDEXP 5x5x5cm Natural Pine Wood Tree Branch Wooden Candle Holder Handmade Candlesticks for Home Decoration Set of 4 – $17.46

Wood Candle Holders for votives and Tea Lights Candles Set of 6. Dining and Wedding Table centerpieces for Receptions or Home Decor, İdeal for Handmade Shower Favors & Housewarming Gift – $14.49

CB2 Notch mango wood pillar candle holder small – $49.95

Plow & Hearth Faux Wood Resin Logs Tea Lights Candle Holder, Birch – $72.32

Candle trays and candles plates

If you’re in need of filling up some space on your coffee table, dining table, kitchen counter, or night stand, then a candle tray or plate is exactly what you need! Lucky for you, these trays and plates come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns made exactly to fit your vibe. If you’re going for a more modern vibe, I would recommend a more neutral colored plate/tray. If you’re going for something more electric, I would get a neon colored tray and top the tray off with brass candle holders. I have listed some photo inspiration below as well of various candle tray and candle plate ideas! 

Briarwood Cement Votive Holder Tray, Natural – $14.40

Stonebriar Rustic Natural Wood and Metal Candle Holder Tray, Home Decor Accessories for the Coffee Table and Dining Table, Large – $45.69

CB2 Active large white marble tray – $34.35

CB2 Marcella brass antique mirror tray – $69.95

CB2 Jax large black leather tray – $59.95

CB2 Jungle print enamel serving tray – $49.95

Wayfair Aspen Vanity Tray – $97.99

Wayfair Clinchport Block Wood Ottoman Tray – $39.99

Natural salt crystal candle holder

If you are a naturally stressed or nervous person, salt crystal candle holders are perfect for you! Not only do they freshen the air you breathe, but they are also known to be stress relievers. These candles holders are commonly found in massage rooms, or in rooms where therapy sessions are taking place. They tend to improve your mood and help you think more positively. Additionally, if you are a workaholic and are constantly in the office, salt crystal candle holder are said to relieve fatigue by helping to improve your concentration and releasing negative ions. The release of negative ions can also help you sleep better at night and wake up more refreshed. I have attached some of my favorite ones below.

HemingWeigh Handcrafted Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Tea Light Candle Holder, Set of 2 – $12.99

100% Himalayan Salt Natural Crystal Rock Tea Light Candle Holder – $9.88

mockins 2.5 lbs 4 Pack Natural Himalayan Salt Tea Light Candles Holder | Great Room Deco – $17.99

Wayfair Himalayan Salt Tealight (Set of 2) – $41.99

Wayfair Himalayan Salt Tealight (Set of 2) – $42.99

Crystal Candle holder

KALIFANO Natural Amethyst Cluster Crystal Tealight Candle Holder – Decorative High Energy Geode Votive with Healing Effects – $49.95

1 (One) Rose Quartz Candle Holder Rock Paradise Exclusive with Certificate of Authenticity AM7B8 – $34.50

yippee Decorative Crystal Quartz Tealight Candle Holder for Table, Amethyst Healing Votive Pillar Candle Stand, Empty Pray Candle Holder for DIY Candle Making (Amethyst) – $29.99

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