The Ultimate 2021 Indoor House Plant Guide

Did you know that studies have proven that indoor plants improve productivity and concentration by up to 15 percent? How about the fact that having indoor plants can reduce your stress and boost your mood? Aaaand on top of all that good stuff, indoor plants can add a wonderful aesthetic to your space. Why then would you not want indoor plants? Is it because you’re not sure what plant goes where or what the benefits of certain plants are? Or is it because you feel that having plants in your home is a big responsibility? Well, that is exactly why I decided to write this blog post, to help you!! I want to make sure that after you read this post, you know exactly what plant you’re going to buy and where you’re going to put it. I also want to make sure you understand that there are plants you can have in your home that require very low maintenance. Because there are so many options, I’ve decided to speak a little bit about each plant as well as link a couple of recommendations below each plant. If there is a specific plant I did not discuss that you’d like to know more about, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my email located in the about page above. 

Indoor plants that are easy to care for

Spider plant

If you’re a beginner gardener, then starting with a spider plant is a great idea. I say this because spider plants are one of the easiest plants to maintain, they are non-toxic plants, AND they are edible which saves you from stressing if you have animals or children. Spider plants can flourish under most indoor lighting conditions, meaning they do not require sunlight. You must of course water them regularly (2 to 3 times a week) but that is a quick and easy task. Some benefits of the spider plant is that it produces oxygen while it purifies your air as it soaks up carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde. 

Ocean Spider Plant – Easy to Grow – Cleans the Air – NEW – 3 Pack – $22.99

American Plant Exchange Spider Plant Easy Care Live, 6″ Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier – $40


Another plant that is great to have if you are a beginner gardener! Again, not difficult to maintain but are toxic to animals so keep that in mind! These kinds of plants come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. In terms of care, you’ll want to make sure the soil is always damp but never soggy! This is important because if your soil is soggy, your plant will die. Too much water will kill the plant. Some benefits of the Dracaenas plant is that it eliminates xylene, toluene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene. 

American Plant Exchange Mass Cane Dracena Massangeana Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Top Indoor Air Purifier – $25.99

Lively Root Lil’ Bit Dracaena Marginata | 4-Inch Ceramic Pot | Indoor House Plants for New Plant Parents | Home or Office Decor | Dracaena Marginata – $42

Golden Pothos 

You’ll definitely want to consider this plant if you’re a beginner gardener because it’s basically indestructible. Additionally, the golden pothos plant is said to be one of the most effective air purifiers in ridding toxins. Disclaimer, the golden pothos is toxic to animals, so you’re going to want to keep your pets away. The plant can grow up to an estimated 8 feet long, but you can trim the tendrils to your liking. In terms of care, you only need to water this plant when the soil is dry. As I mentioned above, the benefits of the golden pothos is that it purifies the air and rids of toxins such as xylene, toluene, benzene, monoxide, formaldehyde, etc.

American Plant Exchange Golden Pothos Easy Care Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Top Indoor Air Purifie – $28.99

Lively Root Lil’ Bit Golden Pothos Air Purifier | 4-Inch Grower Pot | Indoor House Plants for New Plant Parents | Home or Office Decor | Epipremnum Aureus – $36

Swedish Ivy

Another low maintenance plant is the Swedish ivy. But don’t get it twisted, the plant is not native to Sweden nor is it a true ivy. Needing very little attention to thrive, Swedish ivy should be kept moist but not soggy, requiring watering just once a week. In the winter, the plant should be watered more often than once a week. The plant requires a bit of sunlight. The plant is non-toxic. Besides being a low maintenance plant, a benefit of this plant is that it is an air purifier. 

Variegated Swedish Ivy Plant – Plectranthus coleoides -4″ Pot – $13.99

Swedish Ivy Floral Arrangement in Pot – $73.99

Philodendron basil – Philodendron plant

The philodendron plant has a reputation of being one of the easiest house plants. In terms of care, these plants thrive in medium indirect light. Water them every 1-2 weeks, usually when the soil dries out. The plant can grow up to 6 inches tall. The plant is toxic to pets and could be toxic to humans since they contain calcium oxalate crystals. Watch out for soft or black stems as this means the roots are rotting. Benefits of these kinds of plants include improving the air quality, instilling feelings of calmness and trapping dust. 

Philodendron Plant – Brasil – $15.50

Philodendron Brazilian – 4” from California Tropicals – $16.99

Low light houseplants

If you live in a home with little or no natural sunlight and you’re on search for some plants, you should consider some low light houseplants. 

English Ivy 

Although English Ivy is a low light houseplant, it’s a plant that requires a bit more love. One disclaimer about English Ivy is that it is toxic to both animals and humans when eaten. If you’re someone who has sensitive skin, I would not recommend English Ivy to you as the chemicals in the plant can cause dermatitis. If you do decide to get an English Ivy, to care for it, you’ll have to water it pretty frequently while its growing and be mindful to not overwater it during winter. The benefits of English ivy is that it eliminates carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, etc. 

Lively Root English Ivy with Evergreen Leaves | 4-Inch Ceramic Pot | Indoor House Plants for New Plant Parents | Home or Office Decor | Heredera Helix – $42

American Plant Exchange English Ivy Needlepoint Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Green Trailing Vine – $28.99

ZZ plant – Zamioculas Zamiifolia plant 

Because this plant can be neglected, it’s great for beginners and frequent travelers. The ZZ plant can go months without water, but will grow faster if watered regularly. Disclaimer, the ZZ plant contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause skin irritation and stomach pain. So, again, would not recommend this plant if you are someone who has sensitive skin. The plant is toxic for animals/children as well. In terms of care, just make sure you are never overwatering! You’ll know if the plant is underwatered by the look of the leaves. If they are falling that is a bad sign. Remove yellow leaves throughout the year and cut any stems that are overgrown. Overall, just make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and let the soil dry in between waterings. Benefits of the ZZ plant include the removal of toxins such as Toluene and Xylene, the toleration of low light and the low water maintenance. 

Shop Succulents | Standing Collection | Hand Selected, Air Purifying Live Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ZZ Indoor House Plant in 4″ Grow Pot, 4 INCH – $24.99

ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – 4” Pot – $9.99

Ponytail Palm plant 

Although this plant is called a ponytail palm, it is actually not a palm at all. As with most succulent plants, the ponytail palm plant thrives on neglect and in semi dry conditions. The plant is non-toxic to pets and humans. Ponytail palms only require fertilization one to two times per year. In terms of care, just the basic stuff of not overwatering. Re water every time the top 2 to 3 inches of soil dry out. The benefits of a ponytail palm plants are that they break down toxic gasses to purify the air you’re breathing.

American Plant Exchange Ponytail Palm Single Trunk Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier – $23.99

Jmbamboo -Ponytail Palm – 4″ Pot – Beaucarnea – Great Indoors – $16.99

Plants for better sleep – all should be placed in bedroom

Snake plant

The cool thing about a snake plant is the variety of leaf shapes you can pick from. Some examples are narrow or long leaves, or wide and short leaves. Additionally, snake plants come in wide range of colors, from green, to yellow, etc. In terms of care, it’s a pretty low maintenance plant, just be sure to not overwater. The benefits of the snake plant is the ability to absorb insane amounts of carbon monoxide while also emitting oxygen. A few other toxins that a snake plant helps rid are benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. 

Fopamtri Artificial Snake Plant 38 Inch Fake Sansevieria, Perfect Faux Plants for Home Garden Office Store Decoration, 32 Leaves (38 Inch, 1 Pack, Yellow) – $64.99

Perfect Plants Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii 16in Tall | Easy Care Houseplant | Perfect for Low to Bright Light Conditions, 6 in Grower’s Pot – $24.99

Jasmine plant

Jasmine plants are most commonly known as the plant for relaxation. Studies have shown that jasmine plants can actually reduce anxiety levels and improve your sleep quality. These are non-toxic plants. They give off a lovely scent that is thought to be calming. In terms of care, Jasmine plants require partly sunny spots in your home. They need to be around well circulated air. Make sure the soil is always moist but not soggy. Yellow leaves imply need for fertilizer. Make sure to prune the plant around the beginning of spring. There are a variety of jasmine plants but the most highly recommended indoor one is the Jasminum polyanthum. Beware of mealybugs, they look like white cotton and they hide under the leaves. If you see some, just grab a cotton swab and get rid of them. The benefits of a jasmine plant are the causes of relaxation and improvement of better sleep. The flower is also an aphrodisiac and has been used to make medicine for hepatitis. 

Perfect Plants Confederate Jasmine Live Plant, 1 Gallon, Includes Care Guide – $19.99

Grand Duke Jasmine Indoor Decor – Rooted Grand Duke Jasmine – 2 to 5 Inches Tall – No Pot – $11

Lavender Plant 

This plant is best known for its smell. If you don’t already know what lavender smells like, you should definitely figure it out because it smells pretty damn good! There are also health benefits to lavender plants as they are proven to lower our heart rate, stress levels, and blood pressure. However, lavender contains a compound called linalool, which is toxic to pets. In terms of care, only water the plants deeply when the soil is almost dry. Prune about once a year, just after they have bloomed. Make sure the plant is receiving sunlight. Benefits of the lavender plant include the health benefits I have mentioned above as well as promote calmness and wellness. 

Back to the Roots Organic Lavender Year Round, Windowsill Indoor Garden Kit – $29.99

Timoo Dried Lavender Bundles 100% Natural Dried Lavender Flowers for Home Decoration, Photo Props, Home Fragrance, 2 Bundles Pack – $14.99

Peace Lily plant

The peace lily is known to increase humidity. The increase of humidity is especially great for your breathing while you are sleeping. Peace lilies are toxic to humans and pets if consumed. In terms of care, make sure the plant receives sunlight. Again, always keep the plant moist but not soggy. Fertilize the plant about every six weeks if growing in bright light. The recommended liquid to fertilize with is known as the 20-20-20 product. Repot only once the roots have outgrown the container it is placed in. Benefits of peace lilies are that it’s an air purifier, prevents the formation of mildew, rids mold spores from air, and absorbs acetone vapors. 

Costa Farms Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Live Indoor Plant, 15-Inch – $23.99

American Plant Exchange Spathiphyllum Flower Bunch Peace Lily Easy Care Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Top Indoor Air Purifier – $25.99

Aloe Vera plant

Your number one plant for increasing air quality which is why these are great plants to have on your bedside or on your windowsill in your bedroom! It improves the air by producing oxygen. Because this is another succulent plant, it requires very low maintenance. In terms of care, you’ll have to make sure it gets sunlight. Water plants deeply but not often. Water once the soil has dried 1 to 2 inches deep. So, water about every three weeks and a bit more frequently if it’s winter. The most commonly known benefit is the gel that come from the leaves in which you can later use to treat sunburnt skin or irritated skin. As mentioned above, the plant also increases air quality.

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor Plant Ships in Grow Pot, 10-Inch Tall, Green – $17.99

Live Aloe Vera Succulent Aloe Barbadensis 5″-6″+ Aloe in 2.5″ Pot – $10.95

Plants for the shower

Staghorn fern plant

These plants do extremely well in high humidity conditions like the shower or the bathroom. These plants need bright, indirect sunlight to survive. So, keep in mind to not put them in a spot where they will get direct sunlight. During warmer months, water one a week. During cooler months, water once every two-three weeks. The plants are non-toxic to pets and humans. I recommend mounting them onto a wall in your bathroom or on a hanging basket. Some benefits of the plants green foliage is that it purifies your air, increase your energy and can have a positive effect on your mental health. 

Vickerman FA170301 Succulent Staghorn Fern – $10

Staghorn Fern 6.5″ Hanging Plant – Exotic House Plant – $21.99

Air plant 

Air plants are wonderful because of their health benefits and their low maintenance. In terms of care, water every two weeks. You water the plant by soaking it for 5-10 minutes and then shaking the excess water out. Make sure it’s getting bright light but indirectly. Air plants are non-toxic to humans and most animals, but should not be kept near cats. Beneficial for reducing stress, purifying air, great décor, variety of shapes and colors, etc. 

6 Lowlight Air Plant Pack – Live Low-Light Plants | Indoor Tropical Tillandsia Houseplant Kit | Natural Low Light Decorations by Plants for Pets – $20.82

12 Air Plant Variety Pack – Small Tillandsia Terrarium Kit – Assorted Species of Live Tillandsia Tropical House Plants for Sale, 2 to 5 Inches Each – Air Plants for Indoor Home Decor – $20

Other plants that are great for the shower that have already been mentioned above are: Spider plant, snake plant, and Dracaenas.

Large indoor plants – Best placed in living room or in larger rooms in general

Monstera plant

With its leaves being able to grow as big as 2 feet wide, the monstera plant is quite literally a monster, lol. Disclaimer, the monstera plant is toxic to humans and animals. In terms of care, the plant does best in medium to bright indirect light. Be sure to not put in direct sunlight. You should water a monstera plant every 1-2 weeks depending on the light they are receiving. Less in lower light, more in brighter light. Wipe the plant down somewhat regularly to avoid pest. The plant needs water if its leaves are turning brown. If the stems are black and leaves are yellow, you are overwatering. Benefits include air purification, it makes for a great appearance and it can be a cure for arthritis or certain insect bites. 

American Plant Exchange Split Leaf Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa Live Plant, 3 Gallon, Green – $44

Cb2 faux potted monstera plan 29″ – $69.95

Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

A statement plant to say the least! A fiddle leaf fig plants needs a lot of indirect sunlight to thrive. They need enough water to keep the soil moisturized but not soggy! Water around once a week. They need to be drained properly, getting a fast draining soil could be very helpful in this process. Replace the top 3-4 inches of soil when needed. Clean the leaves of the plant occasionally, when they look like they need cleaning. Don’t forget to constantly check on the plant! These plants are toxic because they contain crystals made from toxic calcium oxalate, so keep them away from your children and animals. Benefits include air purification, and the elimination of toxins. 

Homelux Theory Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Artificial Plant Decor for Bedroom, Office Decor, Home Decor, Bathroom Decor, and Living Room Decor. Tall Fake Tree Looks Real. Ficus Tree Faux Plant(5 FT, 3 Stem) – $107.09

Wofair 5′ Artificial Fiddle Leaf fig Tree in Planter,Artificial Tree Beautiful Fake Plant Fiddle Leaf Indoor/Outdoor UV Resistant Tree for Living Room Balcony Corner Decor – $89.99

Orchids – Can be placed anywhere

Last but not least, the orchids! Orchids have a reputation of elegance and that is no surprise! If you’ve seen an orchid before, you know just how beautiful these plants are. Orchids not only absorb carbon dioxide but also release oxygen at night which helps purify the air you are breathing. If you are into feng shui, orchids are a great addition to your room. In terms of care, avoid watering so that the root does not rot. Only water once ever 7-10 days. Place your orchid in a bright windowsill. Fertilize weekly with a fertilizer that is specifically for orchids. As soon as your orchid stops blooming, go ahead and repot. Some orchids can be toxic to both pets and humans, so look out for the specific kind that you choose. On top of purifying the air you breathe and absorbing carbon dioxide, orchids are known to improve focus and reduce stress.

Athena’s Garden PA-OPP3P-OPP3LP Plant Phalaenopsis, 3″ Pot, Purple Orchid Blooms, Light Pink Orchid Blooms – $49.99

Just Add Ice J-421 Orchid Easy Care Live Plants, 5” Diameter, Pink – $29.99

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