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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Beauty & Skincare Products

It can be extremely frustrating to have a bathroom overflowing with products on products. When we see influencers and bloggers post in their bathrooms, sure envy comes with seeing how minimal and organized they can keep it all. 

Well, a selfie-ready bathroom isn’t just for the few and famous. It can easily be yours with just a few simple and creative steps. 

Storage Products You Need

Storage can be difficult depending on the amount of space you have. There are many ways you can store your products, but the best way is to invest in organizers that will simplify your bathroom routine and keep your space clean and organized. You can effectively maximize your space with these organizational tools:


Many beauty gurus and influencers love storing their products in old candles with a bit of DIY. I must admit that my bathroom is pretty stocked on empty candles for my eyeliners and brushes. If you have old, aesthetically pleasing candles that go well with your bathroom, you should try this simple hack: here is how to properly empty your candle from The Beauty Archive.

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Apothecary Jars

An apothecary jar is a modern and stylish way of keeping small products together. We suggest keeping your cotton pads and swabs in glass jars (antique or new) for a minimal finish. 

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Acrylic Dividers & Holders

If there is a must-have from this list, it is acrylic organizers. They go into your drawers or any carts/cabinets you may have. This way, you can keep everything organized by category and function. There are even acrylic makeup organizers you can get to store all of your makeup products in one holder.

Shop here for acrylic holders and dividers.

Lipstick Holders 

Like acrylic dividers, lipstick holders are simple solutions for storing your lipsticks. You can organize according to color or name. Picking out your lipstick will no longer be such a mission.

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Hair Tool Organizer 

Hair products can take up a lot of space, especially hot tools. A great way to make space is by investing in hair tool organizers that effectively keep all of your products in one place.

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Decorative Trays 

Just like glass jars, trays are a great way of mixing aesthetics with function. A beautiful tray to hold your beauty products will guarantee an organized and stylish display. I keep my serums and moisturizers on a tray. It immediately adds design and style to my bathroom.

Shop here for decorative trays.

Utility Cart

A utility cart is handy for those who have less space and are looking for a more effective solution. The limits are endless on how you decide to use them; plus, they are pretty trendy these days. Store more oversized products into the cart that can be taking up too much space in other places.

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Shelving & Hanging 

Installing shelves, hooks, and other hanging options effectively maximize one’s space tenfold. Place your perfumes and other lesser-used objects on shelves and hang robes and towels, plus any other items that work depending on the racks you chose.

Shop here for shelving and hanging options.

Beauty Fridge 

The beauty fridge has taken center stage in the beauty world. These are useful for cooling specific medicines and beauty products that require to be kept at certain temperatures. If you didn’t know before, yes, certain products need to be refrigerated to be effective. A beauty fridge is the best answer for keeping your products properly chilled and well organized. 

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Creative Space Solutions

Everyday items that double as storage for all of your beauty products. 

Lazy Susan 

Lazy Susan’s are not meant for just the kitchen. These are great solutions for several minor space problems. Place your products on the different tiers according to their category and spin around for easy access. 

Shop here for Lazy Susan.

Spice Rack

Like lazy Susan’s, spice racks have their place outside of the kitchen and inside our bathrooms. You can fit several products – serums, medicines, lipsticks, and much more on spice racks just as you would spices. Keep them labeled and always organized by category for easy access.


What goes where?

Where you should be placing your beauty products for best use.

Makeup brushes should go in their respective holders, such as candles, glass jars, or acrylic holders.

Makeup, perfumes, and oils should be kept either in your medicine cabinets, rolling carts, lazy susans, or their respective organizers. If the aesthetics are right, place your favorite products on display. I like to keep my favorite perfumes on display next to some candles. 

Medicines should be placed in either your medicine cabinets, drawers, or in a beauty fridge. Never keep your medications out on display. You never know!

set of cosmetic supply on marble shelf in modern bathroom

Where your skincare goes is up to you and your needs. Keep out the items used on the regs, and the rest should be organized in your drawers or medicine cabinets.

Hot tools should be kept in their respective organizers. It is safest to keep them all in the same place, unplugged, and away from the sink. 

Hair items such as clips, hair bands, scrunchies, and brushes can be kept in organized drawers or other organized areas you keep for smaller items. Remember to keep them grouped by category!

Cotton swabs & face pads should be kept in glass jars or any lovely holders. More often than not, people need cotton swabs or pads. I recommend keeping them out on display, if not for you, then for your guests. 

6 Important Tips 

Keep these in mind when organizing and you’ll never have a mess to worry about.

Get rid of expired makeup. 

I can’t even explain to you how harmful expired makeup is for your skin. 

Organize by type.

Please keep all of your items categorized by type. After use, they should be placed right back to their respective spots. This way, you’ll never have to deal with losing something or cleaning up mess ever again.

Keep duplicates in their own space.

They can be kept hidden (but remember where you placed them). Don’t keep duplicates with the rest of your other products. If you don’t need it just yet, to storage they go.

Everyday products can and should be kept out.

Your standard products should always be made readily available to you.

Maximize the medicine cabinet. 

Medicine cabinets are the best for keeping your personals hidden out of sight and well organized. Having a medicine cabinet means that you can keep several of your items kept in an organized and discreet location. Use the space wisely! 

Sort by category. 

The most important tip we can give is to keep everything sorted by category (and this doesn’t just apply to your bathroom). Organizing by category makes your life a million times more manageable and your home feeling clean and put together.


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