The Ultimate 2021 Philip Hue Bulb Guide

With over 10+ bulb options and various accessories, it is essential that you understand what each bulb has to offer, how much each bulb costs, and most importantly, which bulb works best for you and your aesthetic! If you decide that you are ready to invest in a Philips Hue bulb, you must make note of one very important thing! In order for your hue bulb to work, you will need to purchase a Philips hue bridge. You’ll need this bridge plugged into your router for full control of your lights. Your best bet is to buy a Philip hue starter kit because this kit comes with both the bridge and two bulbs (of your choosing). Prices vary based on the bulb you choose. If you are looking for a specific bulb then I would recommend buying the bridge and bulbs separately. I have listed the different kinds of bulbs below, along with the price, and the benefits of each bulb. The bulbs listed below are also all Bluetooth and Zigbee compatible and work with Alexa and google assistant as well. 

The hue white bulb – $29.96 (2 pack)

If color is not something you care for, but having a white light is, then the hue white bulb may be your perfect fit! Although you are unable to change the color or the temperature of the white, you can dim it to your liking at the tap of a finger.

The hue white and color bulb (Philips hue gu10) – $89.99 (2 pack)

As mentioned above, this bulb is included in the start kit. It is one of the most popular hue bulbs available. Not only can it display thousands of colors, but different temperatures of colors as well. For example, if you want multiple temperatures of whites, such as a bright reading light, or a soft dimmed white light, the white and color bulb makes this possible! Although $45 per lightbulb may seem like a lot, hue bulbs have a life span of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Depending on how much you use your bulb, you may never have to replace it!

 The hue white ambiance bulb (A19) – $24.97

If the hue white bulb and the hue white and color bulb had a baby, it would be this bulb! Although you cannot change to different colors, you can change the different temperatures of white. You may now be wondering what the difference between this bulb and the white bulb is. Simple! The white bulb only allows you one shade of white in which you control the intensity through dimming. This bulb offers many different temperatures of white, such as a soft white or a bright white and anything in between.

The hue white and color BR30 – $34.99 (2 pack)

This bulb has the same exact features as the hue white and color bulb. The only difference is that this BR30 bulb is meant for recessed ceiling lighting fixtures and is larger in size. However, that is not to say that these bulbs cannot be used in other fixtures, though the BR30 may not always fit in traditional lamps/light fixtures. 

The Hue light strip – option 1: $22.99 (White light only)
option 2: 89.99 (White and color)

The light strip is far from a bulb! However, if flattened rope lights sound appealing to you then the hue light strip is exactly what you need! The strip can be installed anywhere you’d like, whether it’s around your bed frame, under the cabinets, or in the kitchen. If you’re someone who likes color, then I would recommend option 2. If you just want a white light strip, then I would recommend option 1.

The hue Go – $80

The hue Go is different from all the bulbs mentioned above because it’s portable! It’s also battery powered and can still be controlled from your phone. The battery life last for about 3 hours. Besides the fact that you can take the light anywhere and change the color whenever you’d like, you don’t have to rely on an outlet being present in order for that particular area to have light! 

Philips hue white outdoor PAR38 – $38.92 (2 pack) 

Although this bulb cannot change colors or color temperatures, it can resist any weather! (well almost any weather). If you are in need of white outdoor lights, then the PAR38 bulbs are a tap away from making your outdoor lighting experience so much better!

The hue Beyond – table lamp, ceiling lamp, hanging pendant lamp (prices vary for all three)

If you’re looking for both a lighting fixture and bulbs, then the hue beyond is exactly what you need. The hue beyond is available in three configurations: table lampceiling lamp, and pendant lamp. The bulb comes with two bulbs that you can control independently, meaning you can put two different colors at the same time. It is quite pricy….I  guess it’s up to whether you really need/want it or not. 

And now for the accessories….

Philips hue tap – $50 

If you’re in a need of a wireless remote that changes your lights at the touch of a button, then the hue tap is perfect for you. The tap includes four buttons, each button offering a change of scene. You do not need to recharge or input batteries into this device because the pressing of the buttons already stores the energy. 

Philips hue dimmer switch – $25 

If you’re looking for a wireless remote that can turn your lights on and off as well as pair with multiple hue lights at once, then the hue dimmer switch is exactly what you need! (Side note: It comes with a base plate that is wall mountable!) 

Philips hue motion sensor – $40

A wireless sensor that will turn on your lights as soon as it detects your movement. If you’re someone who is looking to spiff your home up technologically, then the Philips hue motion sensor is exactly what you need! 

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