Trendy Chair Cushions & Pads

Chair cushions can go a long way, especially when your furniture is just a bit too stiff or plain jane. Many people who hear seat cushions probably wouldn’t even think twice to relate them to trendy home decor objects. But, we’re here to tell you that yes, there are several seat cushions out there that are both fabulous and functional. 


Have you ever sat on a (wooden/minimalist/modern) chair for an extended period? We all know that sore feeling, and it does take a toll on our bodies. Chair pads eliminate all the added back pains and tensions that could come from laying our bare behinds on extremely flat and uncomfortable surfaces. 

Whether you’re deciding over certain styles, trying to add some texture, or throwing in a splash of color into your space, always remember that seat cushions can be a simple solution. Guests always tell me they appreciate my seat cushions. They, along with many others, have overlooked the comfort and added fashion that is a chair cushion.


 So go take a walk around your house & learn all about your home’s color schemes and overall style. This will help you easily decide what colors/textures/added comfort you need for your next decor spree. Check out our picks for the latest in chair cushions and pads down below.

Mercer41 Indoor Dining Chair Cushion

100% natural sheepskin fur.

Camel Sheepskin Chair Pad

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Large Wool Chair Pad

Sold by Esty Seller @

Icelandic Sheepskin Chair Pad

Icelandic Sheepskin Chair Pad. 14.5″Wx14.5″D

Shearling Seat Pad

Made from 100% Icelandic sheepskin, seat covers are expertly tanned and artfully pieced together to form 14.5″ square panels.

Tufted Dining Chair Cushions

Square tufted kitchen dining chair seat cushions. Living Room chair pads 16 x 16.

Sold by Etsy Seller @

2 Pack Wicker Seat Cushions

Sigmat 2 Pack Wicker Seat Cushions 19 x 19 x 4 Inch Square Patio Seat Cushion Cream

Faux Fur Sheepskin Silky Seat Cushion

Plush Chair Seat Pads Universal Fit for Home Office Restaurant Chair, 1.6ft x 1.6ft, Black

Memory Foam Chair Seat Cushion Pad

Kashi Home 16″x16″ Memory Foam Chair Seat Cushion Pad for Kitchen, Dining Room, Patio Chairs, Set of 2, Green

Indoor Seat Cushion

By Ebern Designs

Tufted No Slip Dining Chair Pad Cushion

Klear Vu Tufted No Slip Dining Chair Pad Cushion, Set of 4, 4 Pack, Gingham Black

Indoor / Outdoor Dining Chair Cushion

By Charlton Home

Cotton Striped Chair Pad


Swiss Army Seat Cushion

By Bobo Intriguing Objects

Corona Indoor Dining Chair Cushion

By Easy Way Products.

Tig Barrel Dining Chair Brown Leather Cushions

Tig Barrel Dining Chair Brown Leather Cushions. 19″Wx17.5″Dx0.5″H

Luxurious Faux-Fur Chair Cushion

40 cm in diameter
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