Trendy Salt & Pepper Shakers


Every item in your home can both be functional and serve as decor, it just takes a little bit of hunting and patience. Begin by questioning the products you use every day, are you aesthetically pleased by them? If the answer is no, then it may be time for an upgrade! Living in a space that is visually satisfying is a great form of self-care and an even better form of hosting. If you’re in the business of impressing your guests, which you probably are if you’re on this site, then it’s time to work on not just furniture and decor basics, but to begin from the roots. Besides their function, every single item in your home serves a visual purpose and takes space – even the salt and pepper shakers. 


Yes, even the most random kitchen necessities – such as salt and pepper shakers – deserve a chance to shine. There are limitless options for salt and pepper shakers, and yet we usually just opt for the first option available because we forget that even the smallest items will end up affecting the bigger picture aka the whole kitchen. When you walk into someone else’s kitchen, notice the things that set yours apart from theirs. Don’t be the same by having the big Morton Kosher Salt container chilling on your counter. Make your kitchen unique by making even the seasoning look good. 

Horn Salt + Pepper Shaker Set

Robinson Marble Salt and Pepper Shakers

Horn Resin Salt and Pepper Shakers

DOIY Pinky Swear Salt & Pepper Shakers

Alessi Lilliput Salt & Pepper Set

Bubble Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Sagaform Nature Collection Salt and Pepper Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers

Bubble Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Jonathan Adler Versailles Salt + Pepper Set

Embossed Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cocaine & Heroin Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley

Hug Salt and Pepper Shakers

Horn Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Stoneware Pottery Salt Pepper Shaker Set in Midnight Blue

Vintage Pink Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

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