15 Unique Olive Oil Dispensers

Did you know that olive oil is a pretty sensitive ingredient? It can change pretty quickly based on light, air, and heat filtration/circulation.

I always thought that dispensers were used only for decorative purposes. However, olive oil dispensers are pretty essential in keeping your olive oil in its best condition.

Dispensers limit light filtration (if it’s ceramic or metal) and prevent too much air circulation within the bottle, thanks to its slender spout. They also look great at any kitchen/dining table! There are several different styles that you can find to match your home’s vibe. For a sophisticated look, I suggest placing your olive oil dispenser, a pinch bowl of finishing salt, and a halved lemon as your dining table centerpiece.

Tips: Always clean your dispenser between uses with a bottle cleaner. Sniff your dispenser regularly to make sure it smells fresh: sometimes cross-contamination between oils can cause a waxy or musty smell which means the oil is no good anymore. 

Elegante Olive Oil Dispenser

Olipac Chic Olive Oil Dispenser

Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruet

Lhuile De Sisyphe Oil Dispenser

Gentner Design Brass Oil Decanter

Emile Henry Oil Cruet

Elixir Olive Oil Bottle

Artisan Glass Oil + Vinegar Nesting Bottle Cruet

Stile Set of Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottles

Handmade Ceramic Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

Handmade Ceramic Olive Oil Dispenser

Hand Blown Oil & Vinegar Dispenser

Cilindro Oil Bottles

Ichendorf Milano Rings Borosilicate Oil Bottle

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