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Valentines Day 2021 Gift Guide for Him & Her

Chocolate & flowers are always a lovely gift to receive, but how about we make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your lover who deserves to be spoiled.

In a few weeks, lovers, partners, best friends, and secret admirers will gather together outside your local bodega to pick up cheap flowers and chocolate.

Unless they read this article.

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Valentine’s Day is a day to show how much you love and appreciate your significant other. Why not make it a little bit more special and think outside of the hallmark section of Target? It’ll earn you some brownie points, and they will be sure to thank you, wink wink.

These past months have been challenging for most. It may have been acceptable to gift some chocolates and call it a day last year. But I think we all have seen how much a year can change everything. As loved ones come and go from one day to the next, we need to treasure their love more than ever.

Show your partner that you love them & acknowledge how much you genuinely care for them with these unique gift ideas. If you do, get ready for a lot of extra lovin’ on the 14th!

For Him

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Ladies, I know it’s a challenge to buy gifts for your man. But these gifts will put a smile on his face.

Massage Gun

Shop here for $79.99

Weekender Bag

Shop Here for $199.95

Bartender Kit

Shop Here for $49.97

Gaming Headset

Shop Here for $178

Brooklinen Super Plush Robe

Shop Here for $98

Deluxe Watch Case

Shop Here for $195

Smart Mug

Shop Here for $128.99

Masterclass Subscription

Shop Here for $15/Mo


Shop Here for $76.39

Intimacy Deck

Shop Here for $24.99

Friendship Lamp

Shop Here for $199

Position of the Day Playbook

Shop Here for $9.95

Bro Face Mask

Shop Here for $28

Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

Shop Here for $39.99

Weighted Blanket

Shop Here for $54.99

Funny Stuffed Animal

Shop Here for $28.95

For Her

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Men, show your lady that she is the only one for you with these well thought out gifts.

Unique Flowers

Shop Here for $98

Ugg Slippers

Shop Here for $99.95

Vitruvi Diffuser

Shop Here for $100

Luxury Pajama Set

Shop Here for $120

What I Love About You

Shop Here for $9.28

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Shop Here for $106.90

Bathtub Caddy Tray

Shop Here for $59.95

Silk Pillow & Eye Mask Set

Shop Here for $124

Smart Herb Garden Planter

Shop Here for $99.95

Makeup Organizer

Shop Here for $29.99

Birth Month Flower Necklace

Shop Here for $48

Intimacy Bath Salts

Shop Here for $52

Beauty Refrigerator

Shop Here for $75.82

Kissing Mugs

Shop Here for $65

Sex Journal

Shop Here for $26

KitchenAid Mixer Mini Series

Shop Here for $549.87

Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus Book

Shop Here for $14.38

Le Labo Rose Perfume

Shop Here for $192

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