Hi friends!!!

My name is Scooby, Scoobs for short. 

I’ll be your go-to for everything related to my fabulous lifestyle. 

Ya heard it straight from the horse’s (whoops, I mean doggo’s) mouth first. So it’s pretty legit.

A little about me:

I am a short-haired, chestnut dachshund born in rural Ohio, where I was rescued from a kill shelter. I know, who would want to kill someone as good-looking as me? How rude. For more info about the cruelty of kill shelters, check out this page.

I won’t let my past affect me, though, because fortunately enough, I was adopted by a lovely foster mom who took care of me for a couple of weeks in Long Island through a foster program called Four Paws and Friends. But something told me my life was in for a significant upgrade. I deserve it.

One day, I was minding my own business, eating some dirt, when a beautiful lady picked me up and whisked me away into a hectic city called New York. I was pretty nervous, but for no reason because, boy, my mom is seriously the best.

The rest is history! Ever since my mom fully adopted me, we have been inseparable. She takes me shopping, feeds me the best food, takes me on walks in Central Park, she even used to sneak me into most of her NYU classes. We love to vacation in Florida, where my girlfriend, Whiskey, lives. I am living my best life ever, especially with my momma working from home. 

Life is anything but ruff for me! 

I want your doggos to feel the same. So, I’ll be here to share with you all the fantastic products my mom and I discover and review on the regs.

Everything dog-related has to be approved by me and signed off. No humans allowed. It’s pretty legit.

I hope I can help you all help your furry friends live their best lives! 

Bye for now!

X Scoobs

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