The 5 Trendiest House Plants of 2022

We all know the effect a beautiful houseplant can have on the room it is placed in, but more importantly, the effect it can have on our mental health! 


Multiple studies have proven that having plants inside our homes can offer both psychological and physical health benefits such as: mood improvement, lower stress and anxiety, and better ability to focus. 

How, you wonder?

Put simply, it’s because plants are able to absorb toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, purifying our air. 


Additionally, according to a study done at Virginia Tech, indoor plants can remove up to 20% of dust.

I get it now... So what were you saying about trends?

According to the experts of gardening, below are the 5 plants that people can’t get enough of and why. 

The Money Tree

Even if you know nothing about plants, you’ve heard about the money tree. Popular in Chinese culture, the money tree is known for bringing good luck, prosperity, and wealth, as well as a full and happy life. Besides that, its attractive braided trunk and luscious leaves make it hard to miss. 

While I can’t guarantee the plant will send wealth or good luck your way, it will definitely add a special touch to the room it’s placed in.

For more on how to care for a money tree, refer to my plant guide here. 

Monstera Plants

Though you may not recognize the name, there’s a good chance you recognize the appearance. Known for its art-like leaves, the monstera plant is native to the Central American rainforest, and can grow up to 30 feet tall. Perfect for a statement piece (and some fresh air, duh!) 

For more on how to care for a monstera plant, refer to my plant guide here. 

Snake Plant

The name quite literally says it all. With leaves pointing straight up like a snake, this plant makes for the perfect decor piece, as it doesn’t require much maintenance or direct sunlight. Perfect to stack on a set of coffee table books, on a shelf, or as a stand alone piece. It’s completely up to you! 


For more on how to care for a snake plant, refer to my plant guide here. 


Everyone rages about succulents for two reasons – they require almost no maintenance and are undeniably attractive. Whether you buy them in tiny pots or style them yourself, they do well in both small and large spaces. I commonly see them on window sills but they look just as good on a shelf or on a tray in the center of a dining table/ coffee table too! 


For more on how to care for a succulent, refer to my plant guide here.


Remember how I said earlier that if you know nothing about plants, you’d still know what a money tree was? I take it back, because you definitely know a cactus before you know a money tree! 

These desert beauties are sold in small to large sizes and are hard to miss. Plus, they can take on direct sunlight without a problem.

For more on how to care for a cactus, refer to garden health’s plant guide here. 

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