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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Emma Gonzalez

Creative Direction, Visual Enthusiast, & Marketing.

As we evolve, our homes should too.

I have always been notably passionate about Interior Design & Fashion since my high school Pinterest days. However, I would say that my taste has become a bit more refined due to the places I have traveled to and bearing witness to such an evolving & post-modern world. Growing up in Miami, FL, I always felt compelled to see life in a completely different way than what I was born into and comfortable with. Fortunately enough, I spent my freshman year of college at NYU London, where my creativity and passion for the arts truly took form. I went on to New York City and graduated with my degree in Media, Culture, & Communication from NYU. After graduating, I found myself asking how I could use my passions while helping others find their style. I thought of becoming a personal stylist, but I felt too limited. Maybe an influencer? Eh, not my forte…

Nevertheless, being able to share with you all the parts of me that I know I am well-versed in, I believe that I am helping myself grow as a person and am helping you all grow your homes into beautiful sanctuaries that you are proud to call home. My apartment in New York has become my comfort zone, my escape from the world, and a place to showcase my individuality and quarks. Everyone deserves their dream home, and I hope that together, we can get you there!

My Interests Include:

  • Wiener Dogs
  • Spirituality
  • Interior Design
  • Ashtray’s
  • Italian & Cuban Cuisine
  • Walking Central Park
  • Dj ‘ing (follow me on SoundCloud!)

Megan E. Choukroun

Psychology, Fashion, Marketing, & Writing.

Growing up in Miami Beach is all blue skies, palm trees, and a cool ocean breeze … rarely under 70 degrees. To many, this is nothing shy of paradise; to me, nothing else would suffice.

The built environment, specifically the architecturally significant homes, is what most dawned on me. As a young girl, I often found myself fixating on the minutiae: the curvature of the Spanish clay roof tiles, or the vines emanating from the ground and reaching up the walls like vibrant green tentacles. Upon entering a room, the details stick out to me like glitter on a canvas: the oxidized copper on vintage chandeliers, the cracks and lining within marble floors, the finishes on ceiling trims, and of course, the wallpaper. I often critique the setting I am in and tend to envision an enhanced alternative, one that subtly blends colors with shapes, and metals with glass – all the while, creating an ambiance where people come together and are absorbed by the atmosphere. 

My allure for the said built environment is ultimately what brought me to New York City. I have reached far and wide around this beautiful planet and can confidently declare there is no place on Earth that compares to this bustling concrete jungle. For this very reason, I chose to venture out to the City as soon as I could and attended NYU, attaining my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 

Living in this city for the past five years has had an impact on me far greater than I could have ever imagined. The incredibly diverse people I have interacted with, the stunning homes I have been welcomed in, and naturally, my own apartment to help me escape it all. There truly is no place like home, and designing it to your fancy is key; hence, why I am here blogging for YOU. 

The culmination of my obsession with detail and splendor has led me right here: guiding you in the right direction as you begin the wonderful art of embellishing your humble abode. Are you ready to Impress the Guest?

My interests include:

  • Food, food, and some more food
  • Animals! But specifically dogs and monkeys
  • Crime shows
  • Cars, new and vintage
  • Card games, specifically spit
  • Traveling to foreign countries
  • Religion – A nice Jewish girl!
  • Music, duh!
  • Books – sometimes poetry, sometimes classics like Harry Potter, and sometimes miserable books that attempt to teach me to finance but never successfully do!
  • High Fashion, crocodile boots and faux fur/vegan leather coats at the moment

You can reach me at Meg@impresstheguest.com


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