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Ballin’ On a Candle Budget

lighted candle on white book beside black glass bottle
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Candles, candles, candles! Not only are they everyone’s favorite, but they are the best gift to receive. With so many scents and designs, the options are never ending. However, some brands like to get pricy and not everyone can afford to buy an $100 candle. That is why I have decided to write this post, to give you affordable candle options that smell expensive and have stylish designs.

Pillar candles

incense and white candles on a stool
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Pillar candles are not only great for décor, but can burn for as long as fifty to sixty hours! The typical pillar candle holder is the lantern looking one.

Hyoola Ivory Pillar Candles 2-inch x 4-inch – 24 Pack Unscented Bulk Pillar Candles – European Made – $39.89

Royal Imports 3 Inch Pillar Candles (12 Candles – 4 of Each 3×3, 3×6, 3×9) White Unscented Premium Wax for Wedding, Spa, Party, Birthday, Holiday, Bath, Home Decor, 4 Sets – $39.99

Flameless Candles Battery Operated Candles 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 9″ Set of 9 Ivory Real Wax Pillar LED Candles with 10-Key Remote and Cycling 24 Hours Timer – $21.99

More cheap pillar candles – prices vary

Scented candles

photo of person holding scented candle
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You’re probably wondering why I made this its own section considering that most candles are scented. Well, that is in fact not true. Some candles are made for décor and do not have a scent.

Set of 12 Scented Candles with 6 Fragrances, Natural Soy Wax Votive Candles – $19.99

Scented Candle Aromatherapy Candles Bulk 48 Pack , Long Lasting Soy Tea Lights , Scented Tealight Candle Used for Candle Holder – $17.98

Scented Candles Gift Set, Natural Soy Wax 2.5 Oz Portable Travel Tin Candles – $25.99

More cheap scented candles – prices vary

Wood wick candles

Although self-explanatory, a wood wick candle is simply a candle with a wood wick. These are unique because they mimic the sound of a crackling fire as it burns.

WoodWick Sand and Driftwood Mini Scented Candle – $12.99

WoodWick Candle Warm Woods Trilogy Large Jar – $23.99

CALMING RETREAT WoodWick New Trilogy Collection HearthWick Flame Large Oval Jar 3-in-1 Scented Candle – 16 Ounces – $34.99

More cheap wood wick candle options – prices vary

Votive candles/Tea light candles

black ceramic candle holder on brown wooden table
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People tend to confuse tea light candles and votive candles as they are quite similar to each other. The key difference between the two is simply the height, the votive candle being about two to three inches taller than the tea light candle. Votive and tea light candles are small short candles that are very visually appealing.

Flameless Votive Candles,Flameless Flickering Electric Fake Candle,Pack of 24,Battery Operated LED Tea Lights in Warm White – $13.99

Votive candles, set of 72 – $24.99

Long Lasting Soy Tea Lights , Scented Tealight Candle Used for Candle Holder, Gifts Set for Women, Small Cute Candles for Home – $17.98

More cheap votive/tea light candles – prices vary

Taper candles

photo of candles on top of piano
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Taper candles are long skinny candles that are typically placed on the dining table but can be placed in any space that you’d like. They burn for about 10 hours or so.

White Taper Candles – Set of 80 Dripless Candles – 6 inch Tall – 5 Hour Clean Burning – $24

4 pcs Unscented Red Taper Candle, Hand Poured Wax Candles 10 Inch x 7/8 Inch, Home Décor – $14.99

Pure Beeswax Handmade Taper Candles, 9 Inch Smokeless Dripless Wax Candles, Beeswax Candle for Home Gift Ideas – $26.99

More cheap taper candles – prices vary

Stylish affordable candles

burning pink candle against gray background
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These are less focused on scent, and more on design. I would call them statement piece candles or décor candles.

Stylish affordable candles – prices vary

Flameless candle

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Although there is no real flame, the flameless candle still looks like there is. These are the better and safe option if you have young children or pets.  

Flameless Candles Led Candle Exquisite Pack of 12 Battery Candles (D2.15” x H4”5”6”) Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Candles with 10-Key Remotes and Cycling 24 Hours Timer (Plastic) – $24.99

Flameless Votive Candles,Flameless Flickering Electric Fake Candle,Pack of 24,Battery Operated LED Tea Lights in Warm White  – $13.99

Led Flameless Candles, Battery Operated Real Pillar Wax Flickering Moving Wick Effect Grey Glass Candle Set for Home Decoration with Remote Control Cycling Timer, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, Pack of 3 – $26.99

More cheap flameless candles – prices vary

Yankee candles

Yankee candles are some of the most affordable kind, especially for their size. They come in multiple different scents and last a while.

Yankee candle website – prices vary
*You can buy yankee candles from other places too such as amazon, and bed bath and beyond.*

Cheap but expensive smelling/looking candle brands/options – all cost under $20

1. Paddywax candles
2. Lulu candles
3. Anthropologie
4. Malin + Goetz
5. Mrs. Meyers
6. Chloe Ylang Ylang glass candle
7.Voluspa roses macaron candle
8. Freres Branchiaux
9. Nest fragrances votive candle
10.P.F candle Co.
11. Good Day scents
12.La jolie muse
13.Rosy Rings palo santo
14. L’or de seraphine ares
15. Public goods candles

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