How To Create An Entryway For A Home/Apartment Of Any Size

Entryways are important and this post is going to explain why. Because it’s the first room you walk into upon approaching your home, it’s also the room you use to transition from the outside world to the inside world. More simply put, it’s the place where you put your keys down, your bag down, your coat/sweater down, your shoes off, and get comfortable. Second, having a welcoming entryway sets the experience for the rest of your home. What your guest see when they first walk in is what they’ll base their first impression on. Third, entryways are a great place to incorporate storage. Whether it’s a hook on the wall, a small shoe rack, or a coat closet, it’s extra room for anything you’d like.

That all being said, if you live in New York like I do, your entry way is most likely quite small. However, if done properly, you can still carve out space to accommodate an entryway, and a welcoming one too! Here’s how:

1. Measure the space

yellow tape measure
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Before you pick your table and decor, you need to know the exact dimensions of your entryway space. To figure out what you can and can’t accommodate, grab a tape measure and measure the width and the height. 

2. Pick a table, bench, or shelf

Photo’s taken from @Wayfair, @Overstock, @cb2, @Room&Board Pinterest

Entryway furniture looks best when it’s minimal but functional. You’ll want to pick a table or bench that matches both your aesthetic and wall color. If you don’t have room to fit a table or bench, you can install a shelf. I have attached a variety of tables, benches and shelfs below. Some are minimal and some are maximal.

Haught 47.9″ Console Table – $139
Bridge Entry Console – $399
Happy Natural Bunching Table – $699
Bamford Console Table – $168.99 (on sale now)
Peekaboo 38″ acrylic console table – $399
4-Cube Organizer – $132.62
Acrylic sheepskin bench – $1199
Span large grey bench – $799
Leather director’s bench – $449
Cavett Wood Frame Bench – $599
Barcelona Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench – $94.99 (on sale now)
Linwood Fur Storage Bench – $175.99 (on sale now)
Luckett Solid Wood Bench – $119.99
Hayse Velvet Upholstered Bench – $264.99
Neligh Bench – $199.99
Color brass wall edges – $49.95-69.95
Metal wall ledges antique brass – $29.95-59.95
Tseng Wood Accent Shelf – $129.99
Entryway Wall Shelf Hanging – $35.99
Bamboo Wall Mounted Shelf – $32.99

Entryway tables
More entryway tables
Entryway benches
More entryway benches
Entryway shelfs
More entryway shelfs

3. Install hooks (if you don’t have a coat closet in your entryway)


Photo taken from Amazon Website

Once you’ve picked a table, decide how many hooks you want and where you plan on installing them. Hooks can be used for anything, whether it’s coats, keys, dog leashes, masks, etc.

Natural Wooden Coat Hooks – $25.88
Decorative Wall Hooks for Hanging – $18.99
Vintage Real Natural Wood Tree Branch Wall Hook – $16.99
Gold coat Hooks – $30.99
More hooks – prices vary

Entryway hook ideas

4. Lighting


Photo taken from @lightology’s Pinterest

The key to a welcoming and unique entryway is good lighting. Natural light is obviously a plus, but not everyone has it. Therefore, you’ll have to get creative and either install fixtures or incorporate a table lamp! Experts recommend installing ceiling fixtures, but table lamps are also highly encouraged. Ceiling fixtures are probably the most convenient in my opinion because dimmer switches are easier than switching a lamp on.

Entryway lighting fixture inspo
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Unique lighting inspo

5. Mirrors vs. Art


Photo’s taken from @Mariekondo and @Etsy’s Pinterest

This one’s a personal choice but some things to consider are the following: Mirrors create a visual illusion, making the space appear bigger than it is. Having a mirror in your entryway is also convenient for checking out your hair and outfit prior to walking out. Art on the other hand adds to an aesthetic and expresses your taste. If you’re leaning more towards the mirror, be sure to position it correctly. If you have natural light coming in, you should position it in a way that allows the natural light to bounce off the mirror. Be mindful about the height as well, you don’t want it to be too high or too low. The same goes for the art!

Entryway mirror inspo
Entryway minimal art inspo

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6. Décor


Last but not least, the décor! There are so many unique and different ways you can decorate your entryway. I personally love the look of coffee table books, candles, and random tchotchke’s on top of the table. I’ve seen other people put picture frames, unique lamps, unique flowers, etc. It’s really a space where you can get creative and express yourself through material items. I’ve attached décor inspo below as well as a photo of what our entryway looks like at the moment.

Entryway inspo
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Entryway decor inspo
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